The Coppens Affaire: Update!

Details of Coppens’ incarceration uncovered!
We contacted our trusted newssource and old friend Miranda Veracruz de la Jolla Cardinal and asked her to have an eye on the development of the ongoing Coppens’ Affaire.
Miranda actually managed to slip into the infamous Vallarta-Hilton!
Her report on telephone came in pretty unclear due to line-problems in the early hours of this morning. But she actually saw Coppens as he received obviously some kind of water-treatment, her original words were: “It made him explode!” She also mentioned la cucaracha, what can be seen as indication of unhealthy circumstances our hero has to suffer from. After less than two minutes the contact was ripped off apruptly by a male person shouting something like “Schwing”.
There is no reaction from official side, the authorities prefer to be silent. Rumour has it that the Canadian honorary consul is actually suffering from a severe intoxication of unknown origin. Miranda Vercruz de la Jolla Cardinal is a free lance writer for different national and international newspapers based in Mexico City.



17 thoughts on “The Coppens Affaire: Update!

  1. “It made him explode!”… eek! That sounds painful! Hang in there, Donn!!!! La cucaracha, indeed…. bloody pestilence down there!*saddles trusty <>caballo<> Thunder, straps on back brace, grabs <>reata<>, clambers into the <>silla<> and hightails it <>sur<> towards the <>frontera<>***stops and runs back to grab Spanish-English dictionary**

  2. *runs back, slides out of saddle, grabs hat and sunglasses and sunscreen and summer clothes, cuz it ain’t winter down there and I don’t want to bake (in winter clothes) or fry (in the sun)***hauls ass back into saddle, thanking the gods that Thunder is not overly tall, and giddyups south again**

  3. … sniff *wipes tear off* … I hope this Donnn-bloke knows it to apprechiate, I’d happily down some Margarithas in memoriam, but sadly have to saddle my own horse in an hour to ride to work.

  4. He better or he’s in beeg trouble!You can have my Maragritas too… I like them lots but am allergic to Tequila now…. *cries quietly*Note: wv = crona… isn’t that just another way of saying Corona? Mexican beer???

  5. MJMiranda Vercruz de la Jolla Cardinal is an attractive person truely dedicated to her work – as long as there is a chance for a frontside headline she’ll do what has to be done.PonitaTrue Northern Spirit: No nonsense, just go for the real thing, yay! In the European south it is wine around the mediterranean, north of the Alps they have beer, and in the real North it’s strong spirit. Beer can be a nice thing, but today nearly all sorts give me terribly headaches, even when I have only one or two. I’ll stay with the white.Have to find out what “spill the beans” can mean. But if D.C. returns save and in one piece I am sure he’ll stick to “What happens on the road, should stay on the road!”

  6. *wanders back to the barn, unsaddles Thunder and throws him some hay*Coppens has returned to the Land of Ice and Snow… all safe and sound in one piece.Good thing I only made it 10 miles down the road when I found out…. 5000 miles is a hell of a long ride!*rubs ass and goes to soak in hot bath*

  7. Ach … well, no shark bites then. Lucky man.In your new avatar you look very serious. Like contemplating things, those that have been and those to come. A hot bath, enjoy.

  8. I hate cucarachas.By the way, you’re welcome to link to anything of mine anytime you want. No need to ask.(Cheesemeister/Lily’s online marketing presence, too lazy to change accounts)

  9. JobkillerGood!AustereNo, it’s FREE!AmandaDonnn Coppens traveled to Mexico. Knudsen saied lovely Donn would been detained for smuggeling C. MJ announced that shocking report and I did further investigation.Miranda Vercruz de la Jolla Cardinal is not unkown to you, she started her cariere in Chicago.

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