There seems to be no matching English phrase for Frühjahrsmüdigkeit. “Spring fever” describes a state of higher activity, awakeness, renewd energy, what could given with Frühlingsgefühle. “Spring tiredness” or “spring lethargy” are simply not catching phrases, seemingly the whole idea behind is uncommon in the Anglo-Saxon world. Frühjahrsmüdigkeit is marked by symptoms as lower energy-level, lack of concentration, real tiredness and need for long sleeping hours. Maybe a lack of vitamines or changes within the organism cause that. I slept for twelve hours, what is absolutely uncommon to me. No breaks, no dreams, nothing, like switched off. I should drag my bonesack out for a walk, but I feel already like after a long march. So another coffee will have to do.

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  1. I slept for three days once when I was a teenager. My mom, a hard-working single mother with no insurance and barely enough to pay rent worried I was dying. She could not wake me up. I know I dreamed, but I could not recall any details. She checked my breathing with a small mirror often until I finally woke up. I remember how she fell to her knees sobbing like a mother who had lost her child. I started to cry too. I felt really bad to have caused her such undue stress. She must have been so scared. I would never have put her through something like that on purpose. It has never happened since. I had not taken any drugs or alcohol or excercised too hard or anything. It was just out of the blue.Prx

  2. Know what you mean. I had my spring-tiredness a few weeks ago. Drank lots of coffee during that time too.On another tangent: Many cultures have history of fasting in spring (and/or the autumn.) This is often said to be for religious reasons. Personally I think people intuitively realize that it’s their body who needs the “cleansing”, rather than the soul.

  3. Actually, Mago, working shift work, especially nights, is proven (medically) to shorten your life span if done longterm and it causes all kinds of havoc with your wellbeing.So more than likely, that is what you are experiencing. Your body is telling you it wants a day job. 🙂Take care.

  4. PonitaEh?PortiaI must come to your blog asap. 🙂ProximaStrange! I once slept for a whole day, but that was after a week of hard work with nearly no sleep.AmandaMaterialist?Tom and IcyCoppens? Maybe a victim of hormones, hehe …AnnabelHello and welcome, Annabel – I think this is your first comment here. And You really need a little break!AustereYou are right.I once promised to myself never to run again, in different meanings.PonitaThe only thing I can tell my body about this is: I try – and do your job!MJI guess there’s nothing new to discover.

  5. I rather call it “auf dem Boden.” 🙂I just can’t see how a glorified diet (fasting) can be about “the soul”.There must be better cleansing agents for that. 😉

  6. I’m the opposite of what most people describe. I get very depressed in the early part of the spring. Its lifted now but I had a hell of a time back in March.Statistics indicate that actually the greatest number of suicides occur in April, however. Not during the depressing winter holidays.

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