Pica pica

Yesterday in the later afternoon I stood on the parking lot of a local supermarket and had a Bratenbrötchen. That is not a sandwich but a bap (as my dictionary calls it) with a hunk of roasted porc meat – it clocks the arteries, the coal makes cancer, the poor swines hormones may do nasty things to me body: Franconians love their Bratenbrötchen.
An Elster came by and sat on my car. Looked me straight in the eye. I realized that the bird’s pecker was askew or cross, to the right seen from the bird. It marched around me, for a moment I expected it to say something like: Pass that roll! I gave it two larger pieces of bread and it eat them at once from the ground, with the head to the side because of the tilted beak. A small piece of meat fell down,the bird grabbed it and flew to a lamp post.
It was a mean bird and I am glad that it went away.


24 thoughts on “Pica pica

  1. I saw the title and knew it was about one of my favourite birds. In the park over in Killamory there were a lot of magpies as they would chase the other big birds away. I’ve even saw one attack a cat.

  2. AustereMagpies are here traditionally not seen as birds that bring something, but as thieves: They are said to have a liking for glittery things, silvery small things. In earlier days it was saied that one should greet a magpie, to establish a good relation … a little sinister birds …Old KnudsenIn a flock, yes I think they be a force. And if one is really upset …AmandaNo, the crooked pecker added to the sense of weirdness about that particular bird. It was it’s behaviour: Very demanding. Other birds hop around and slowly come nearer and pick up something – they do not plant themselves next to one, eye one up and grab what’s to be grabbed. It’s the “Hasse’ mal ‘ne Mark du Aasch”-attitude that makes me wonder.

  3. Magpies are villainous, kleptomaniacal, scoundrels. They spell nothing but trouble for pretty, petit, songbirds and afternoon knoshers.Having appeased the messenger you may have sidestepped calamity. Well done.

  4. When I lived in San Diego, CA a number of years ago, you had to be very vigilant if eating outside, as the seagulls would swoop down and snatch the food right out of your hand!It was the pigeons that would walk all over the picnic tables…. tromping through your food and drink and picking at everything.They had no fear down there.

  5. MJIn all innocence.DonnnI hope so. They are seen as messengers, like cats. No need for any calamity here.AmandaYou BET!LeahAnything that helps in Texas hell …PonitaEnough action in Winnipeg now? Hope things settle.JoyceSea gulls! Have to post something about them later.PonitaThese pigeons would actually walk through my dinner? Argl …JIPsMaybe they have to make decisions in their range of possibilities like we have to. It simply did not want to be the average magpie anymore and decided to be a mean rad-tag-Brötchen-snatching-rowdy-magpie.

  6. SavannahHave no memory of last night’s dreams. This day was long, and the next will even be longer. AT least some of these hours are well paid (night + holyday).Thank You dear.LilyIt had. Lots of it.Scarlet-BlueHello and welcome, thank you for your first comment here.Ah, the mix-n-mingle-party. A very nice idea to get people to read other blogs – and I thank you for your visit here. I’ll give revanche, but not tonight, sorry, I won’t read anything now, had my lesson from the book tonight, it was the chapter about “nice” colleagues and how to avoid them.

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