And the world changed.


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  1. I appreciate that he salutes the Marines that stand guard. It’s common for most presidents to just ignore them, but they are still human.

    I am neither a supporter or opponent of Barack Obama politically. They seem like a nice family though. At some point I unconciously decided to take up an observation post towards current American politics. I am happy to see that he has repealed some of Bush’s actions based on twisted personal/religious beliefs.

    In some ways, I think he is good for the U.S., but he also has lots and lots to learn. He is a bit naive, that could cost us as a country, but probably not nearly as astounding as Bush’s ignorance has. Being naive is not as chronic a condition as being stupid.


  2. I’m not American but being Canadian, they are very close…

    I think Obama will do good things for the USA. Just being astute is a good start. Bush was an idiot, and how he got/stayed in power is totally beyond me.

    I just hope Obama gets a real chance to do good for that country and that no one is stupid in a horrible way.

    Lovely photo…

  3. I will add, though, for the sake of devil’s advocacy, that Bush was known to speak to the serfs, servants, soldiers, underlings, etc., shake their hands, smile at them. People thought he was just kinda goofy when he did it.

    Then again, maybe it’s just an American thing–in some ways, we’re not as class-conscious. Or maybe that’s just a stereotype. I’m not sure.

  4. Proxima
    Well, I’d think it is okay to salute the people that are there to protect one when shit really happens.
    I have not followed the president’s political actions so far, but I heard him say good things. Naive or not, he is to change things for the better and that is good. He already started to care for better connections or relations to Europe and Russia. And finally the foreign office is working on a plan to end the war, that alone is a good step.


    Erich Honecker kissed a lot of Russian guys.

    Carter is an interesting man. The late hunter S. Thompson once recorded a free speech Carter gave on his campaign trail. Thompson saied that Carter really became angry and spoke tacheles, he was working as a lawyer. The tape was later stolen from Thompson.

    Maybe the president has an official butt-itcher?

    Yes, let’s hope he stays a real person.

    That’s the idea. A better world.


    They’ll come!

    I do not think that someone would be that stupid and decide to have him killed.

    I think in any society differences of status, of belonging to a group and not-belonging develop, signs – die feinen Unterschiede.
    With the first black president America re-invented itself. The picture was mailed to us by a man who came from Africa to Europe on dark ways, later moved on to Canada. Today he has a good existence and is a respected member of a community. He made it. For him the pic has another meaning too, when the black American president and the black police officer of Her Majesty an passant shake hands.


    Hello and welcome, thank you for your first comment.
    Joy, yes, and pride.

    You are right, he can not come along and turn a switch and whopee all is good. But he has ideas and will use what he has.

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