Decision making

I do not use lifts or elevators when walking the rounds. Some of them are simply too old and I do not want to be stuck in such a cage for some hours until a bored and angry electrician pulls me out. Others …
Tonight I was at the bad karma place. As I mentioned before it is a super modern concrete, steel and glass affaire. On the outer hull is a metal construction for maintenance, cleaning windows, or for security blokes who walk around and have a look.
You approach the building from the side of the main entrance and think it is just two storeys high, but it is built into a hillside and when you walk around the corner on saied metal construction you realize that you actually are on the forth floor. It’s a nice view over a part of the city.
I stood in the main entrance foyer and looked in the open stairway listening. All quiet, just a distant humming of the aircondition; all lighting out, only the emergency exit lights give dim greenish shine. My eyes are used to this, I avoid mostly switching ceiling lights and use the torch, a powerful Maglite, only when needed. Peaceful for a moment. I heard the starting signal of the elevator which stood in the upper floor I had controlled before. It gently and silently made its way to the lowest floor. Standing in the open stairway I followed the light on every elevator exit door turning red when the cage passed by, a small red arrow pointing down. It stopped its journey finally on he last floor, door closed, nobody in, nobody out. I looked on my watch and waited for two minutes, nothing happened. No noise, no sound, no light from inside the cage of the lift (it has one door only), just a dark quiet building, and an elevator which got bored from hanging around in the fifth and decided to sit a while in the basement. I quietly left.


26 thoughts on “Decision making

  1. I feel spooked to death and I wasn’t even there. Reminds me of the time I had found an unlocked hotel (that was supposed to be closed down for the winter) and I slipped inside…

  2. Austere
    I think it’s just that, an elevator who decided to go to another place.

    Old Knudsen
    I thought about that. But I think it would not make sense: Technically it is abolute equal, makes no difference, where the cage is. Besides I asked the colleague who was there just some hours ago and he saied that the house was still manned when he left after his round. Anyway I’ll treat the elevator with respect.

    Wasn’t there this author who developed a kind of personality disorder then? But I am sure that you can not open one of the doors in this house of “cosmic” security level with an axe or a chainsaw. Even a gun would be of no real use. So just close the door and trust on the technic.

    Or not.

    I’d like to have my slice of the lamb with garlic.

    Where have YOu been? I carry always a small figure of St.Christophorus with me.

    Sorry, no vampyers. Yet.

  3. Hallo Kahless. If I meet somebody who does not belong there I have to confront the person. The development of the situation depends. When attacked I have full right to protect myself and the contractor’s property, possessions. I even have the right to arrest someone, under defined circumstances of course. Bad thing is that in saied concrete bunker the portable is of no use …

  4. Stocky? Sorry, I am not sure what that means in this relation.
    So, now I have to get ready, pack myself together and leave, the lift’s waiting you know? *grin*

    No worries!

  5. I’d go to the library and dig through the files to see if something happened in that building..especially in the lift.

    I had a College Instructor who died after he walked into an open shaft …
    the doors had opened but the elevator cab was elsewhere! Which is NEVER EVER supposed to happen.

    I’ll never forget that day..classes were canceled and we went to watch Apocalypse Now.

  6. Kahless
    Sorry to disappoint you, I look like anything else but a rugby player! HA! I am just a middle aged white male wearing glasses. Good think is I can blend in nearly anywhere.

    That building is too new to have records, sorry. So we’ll stick with the operational theaters and laboratories where nice fluffy animals are tortured in the name of science. Maybe I could find evidence for a Germanic grave side.
    Apocalypse now? Ach, teachers, why not Rosemarie’s baby? The last ten minutes or so before Kurtz gets whacked are so very Riefenstahl, don’t you think? I hope you guys got a sixpack each, just to get into the spirit!

  7. Hi again mago–you are probably <>much<> too dignified for this, but just know that I’ve < HREF="http://theweatherinthestreets.blogspot.com/2009/04/sexy.html" REL="nofollow">passed the sexy virus to you,<>, you sexy intellectual you!

  8. My second job was working in a medical laboratory. It had a front entrance and a back entrance. Unfortunately, if I had to work after 9pm, I could only park my car at the back entrance as the front car park would be close. My work would be such that I finish at 4 am. By that time, there would be few people in the building and the route to the back entrance goes right by the hospital morgue. It was creepy. I kept saying to myself that there is nothing to worry about but the hairs on the back of the neck always stood up.

  9. Proxima says:

    Being a new elevator I suspect they gave it too much A.I. so now it get bored occasionally.

    I always find it annoying that if a Security guard is present in a horror film he is usually the first one to die. I mean to write a novel one day that breaks this type-casting. I am a true lover of the Antihero. My favorite is Micky Rourke’s character Marv in the “Sin City” movie adaption based on the graphic novel.

    I’d throw “political correctness” out the window for a good f^ck any day.



  10. Scarlet-Blue
    A B-movie by Hammer-Productions with tons of sliced security-assistants?

    It would have beamed me into another dimension …

    Does anybody remember “Fahrstuhl zum Schafott” / “Elevator to the scaffold”?

    “You sexy intellectual” – my answer will follow very soon!

    No prejudices: You can not generalize and judge all of them for a single one’s misbehaviour! They are not all bad!

    No morgue here, just the “Kadaverlager” where they store the remains of the nice fluffy animals.

    Exactly, it is bored by the single task to go up and down in that shaft.
    Half life Blue shift – isn’t that with a security man as canon fodder?
    “Sin city” I only know as ACDC-titel. We’re so pure here …


    Lily S.
    That’s what they say. “It’s in the wiring”. Pah … The chicken, the copper coins and the candle – that works!

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