Award and Truth

Leah gave me an award, the “Sexy Blogger Award”. She even went as far as calling me a “sexy intellectual”. As Ms Bankhead once remarked: “I’ve been called many things, but never an intellectual”, and I must ad, I never thought about myself as one, or a even sexy one. Maybe I have this look …*
Intellectuals (Ger., Eng.) are generally people who tend to think, and make a living from this. It’s of no real matter whether they are right or wrong, they can be ivory-towered out of touch with everyday-life recluses or shrewd business-men. I confess, that I have difficulties with numbers. Examples of intellectuals of any variety can be found nearly anywhere over the world, in Germany, Arabia, China (pdf), India (here in Bengal news) – despite Posner’s announcement that the public intellectual is on the brink of extinction, the species seems to be long-lived, even hard-boiled. The public intellectual is a Sonderform and has to fulfill a role in society, even a responsibility, as Mr.Chomsky put it here.
Generally intellectuals have to live from the productions of their brain (Ger., Eng.), which comes in different sizes and took a long development. My own brain can be seen on the following photograph; I think it’s average, at least they found nothing special when they examined it some years ago.

The Mago Brain

Mind and brain (Ger., Eng.) form a special relationship. For example I thought it to be a good idea to have a photograph of my head here: My brain aroused the picture of the flowing lion’s mane in my mind – the sad truth came like a shock:

Pantoffeltierchen? Paramecium?
Mago on top: Sad consequence of deforestation

To wear the badge with pride I have to tell five things that may be considered to make my blog a sexy one. I think it goes like this:
1) I am taking myself not too serious, and can laugh about myself.
2) I am interested in my readers.
3) I can make people smile and think.
4) I tend to think by myself.
5) I am interested in a lot of things.

Thank you Leah!

* Nice quotation-site with quotations about intelligence and intellectuals here. Woody Allen remarked: “I’ve never been an intellectual but I have this look.”


12 thoughts on “Award and Truth

  1. Congratulations! I too have been called many things, but they don’t include sexy or intellectual. However I do have a lion’s mane…if there are any gray lions.
    I’d be interested to see a scan of my brain. I know that the limbic system in a person with my condition is different but I don’t know if my case is severe enough that anything would show up radically different in the scans. The scans of people with bipolar that presents with psychosis are different from those of a normal brain, but I have type II bipolar and no psychosis, so I’m not sure. I don’t have the money to satiate my curiosity but I’m fascinated by this stuff.
    Again, congratulations on being a sexy intellectual. Very cool!

  2. Woody Allen–sheesh. Now there’s the antithesis to sexy. I love his movies, but that aside, I cannot understand why any woman would end up fighting over him. After what he did to Mia Farrow the animal I find him most comparable to is a sewer rat.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS mister mago da magician!

    Now, now. Not only are you sexy but also SMART and a fine gentleman, in the British sense of the word.

    What a wonderful brain.

    Am not risking a scan- probably a vaccum. :))

  4. Savannah
    I blush …

    A gentleman, now I am close to swooning … Sometimes I have the idea that my brain shrivels and a small nut is rolling around in the boney cage.

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