I am sorry to have to announce technical troubles. All my adobe-applications do not work anymore (reader, flash-player), even my nikon based picture program does not work anymore, things are happening terrible slow on this machine. Something with the graphics.

In other news, my friend Robert dropped by on his way home from Marburg back to Hungary. He carried all the way a little flask with that nectar called Palinka, and these 500 ml of Hungarian pear speciality by vilmos are really worth it. Because of the technical difficulties mentioned above I can not see their website properly, but who cares anyway, the stuff is delicious. Highly recommended.

My days off are over now, weekend will see me doing my rounds, and the coming weeks will be terrible, doing hours through the nights without brake. I am busyly writing applications and am thankful for the fact, that there are positions I can still apply for.
The knot has to be cut in the next months, things have to change.


10 thoughts on “Pears

  1. I hope you will score a better position. A mind like yours shouldn’t be made tired by having to work overnights as a security guard. There isn’t anything wrong with this kind of work (except that it kills brain cells, as I well know!) but you have paid your dues, I say.

  2. My ladies, I thank you each and all for your kind wishes and assurements. I really hope the coming months will proof and bring the reality of the changes. But before that can happen applications need to be written, and before that Hungarian coffee has to flow in streams …

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