Good Morning …

Sums it up for today. Comes from here.

Have a good day.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning …

  1. It is hard to meet anyone these days that has not been affected by cancer. I think someday we will discover that something very common has created a bigger risk of casuing cancer then scientist first thought, but what can we do?

    You can’t fear everything, you have to go on and the best you can with the informtion available. My friends and family were all exposed to Radioactive Iodine fallout from Hanford between 1944 to 1990. Around here, we are simply known as “Downwinders”. I was told today I have hypothyroidism. It is not a suprise. I think the cateracts at the age of 30 were part of this as well. What I don’t know, is which version of cancer I will eventually die from. Family history includes bone.brain and stomach cancer. None of them sound better then the others.

    There are so many tragic stories, but it doesn’t make it any less painful when you lose someone close to you. I don’t think we can or should ever want to get used to the pain.

    I’m sorry Mago.


  2. I didn’t know if I’m having technical difficulties on my end or if you just want to keep the above post private, so I will keep it simple and real. I’m sorry for your loss.

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