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The last ten days saw me working all night. My “free” time this Monday I spent sleeping, and half of Thursday too. Tonight its work again.
Luckily a small genealogical research came up and I had a trip into Middlefranconia last week, maybe it can be repeated in the beginning of July. And a small translation must be done, I have to scrap together all my classical Latin – keeps the brain alive.

A fine project came to a successful end: The medieval codices and manuscripts of the Bibliotheca Palatina are online now! Go HERE to have a look. Just poke around and play with the database, nice pictures are to be found! There are different search options too.
Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. I have no idea about Middle Earth. Middlefranconia is usually cold, wet, foggy and if you leave the right path you drown in the sump. Have no idea why they emigrated from this lovely place in the 19th century …

  2. I took a quick look at the project–looks fascinating. My husband especially will enjoy perusing it.

    As for the classical Latin, it’s pathetic how little I have retained from my years and years and years of it! God bless you if you still have it.

  3. That is amazing…unfortuantely it would all be Geek to me.

    Hey you know what? I was in Heidelberg in 1977..I wonder if there would be any record of my visit to the castle in these texts?

    You know that I kid!
    I lurve History, Herstory, Yourstory and Ourstory.

  4. Loved the handwritten manuscripts, but like an ignoramus all I can say is it looks so refined!

    Tried reading the codici palatini, intrigued by the astrological reference, also the medical manuscripts. But no luck.

    Congratulations on the completion of the project.

  5. Leah
    The secret is to have a good lexicon by your side …

    Boccaccio’s work stands pretty alone in the 14th century, even south of the Alps. Later there are translations and imitations and more or less well written prolongations. But there is no German text of this calibre in this time. There are more or less erotic stories which are sorted into the group of “Schwank-Literatur”. If you search for it you have to look for “Facetiae” or Facetien (= funny stories), it’s most 16th century. “Rollwagenbüchlein”, “Gartengesellschaft”, Bebel, Pauli … That what’s comes to mind.

    ’77 – You left lasting imprints in the history of Heidelberg!

    I was not involved in this project – believe me: I would have loved to! There is a similar thing going on in the local university library, but on a remarkable smaller scale – simply because of the fact that we do not have so many illuminated codices – if you want to see the remnants of the franconian library you have to go to Sweden, bloody thieves … And no, I am no part of that.
    It is difficult to read these manuscripts, it takes time to “read in” (einlesen), they are filled with shortcuts, notes and some are written in a mix of different languages. Understanding a treaty about stars and signs needs some years work, because these astrologers had their own language – so do not be disappointed, you are NO ignoramus!

  6. Isn’t there a castle in Heidelberg? I think that is the one I dreamt of a past life there, where I was struck and killed by lightening. My skin hums during thunderstorms.

    These kind of text look like the kind of things I would be looking for (though I’m not sure why) strange words come to my head and then I research them.

    When I looked at this, I looked at the names and was trying to imagine which name was yours. Per you response to Austere, your name is not listed here then?

    Middle Franconia, might as well be Middle Earth. If you know where J.R.R. Tolkein got his inspiration from. He was a student of William Morris. They were originally European Historians, with dissertaions/emphasis of study on medieval folktales and myths before they were published Writers.


    Still wondering what your true first name is…shouldn’t it be something like “Klaus” or Wolfgang”? Surely not something so banefully catholic as “Daniel”. 🙂

  7. Kahless
    “It ain’t necessarily so …” You are welcome here. Just saying.

    Nimh Sellers
    My first name? 🙂
    By the way I come from a very protestant family.

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