… kaput … put … pffff …

It had to be this way. I stumbled home one sunny morning in the last week, switched on the machine and a blue screen greeted me: I should ask my administrator for whatever. Being my own administrator I asked myself what was going on while watching windows’ futile attempts to get itself running. Then it slowly dawned on me that the memory was gone – RAM BAM – exactly what Monika the mechanic oracled some weeks ago: Thank you Ma’m.
The harddrive should be intact and with it my data, texts, links … oh yes, back-up is a very nice idea, now that you mention it. Given the geriatric condition of the machine as a whole … it is a case for computer heaven, requiescat in pace.
I am writing this on a small hp-notebook that brought me fast into the web. Of course I am too stupid to configurate my email-account, of course all my links are still stored on the sleeping servant – ach alliterations, meine heimliche Liebe. So doing the blog-round is a little difficult because I have to collect them links here again.
The good thing is that I should be able now to hear all the sounds you use.


12 thoughts on “… kaput … put … pffff …

  1. Joyce
    I am sorry, this machine does not come back. The data will. But actually it is just a very big slump of metal sitting beside my desk – you know towers have to be biig …

    I am sure about this! I hope you feel well. How’s the man-hunting business going? I am just curious, sorry …

    See my comment on your site. And if you’d piss me off, be sure that I would say something. I’d not just fade away.

    I do not believe that they actually “DO” it to us – or do these creations have a will of their own? “Creator” and “creatus” – the one who is creating and the one who is created. Golem, Frankenstein’s creature – all imagines of the creature running amok. What is The name of the Polish writer – Lem, Stanislaw, who wrote down the laws of the machines, and Mr. King happoily violated these laws, “Rhea 7” or soemthing.

    No, the machines are no real creations. Like a story, a work of art – they lack the “geist”, the “ingenium” – it is not given properly with the word “spirit” – and I am too tired and whatnot to talk about that now, sorry. “Artificial Intelligence” is a very interesting thing btw. The disturbing other side is that we may not be able to recognize this other part of creation. Later.

  2. Oh dear! And here I was thinking you were mourning Michael Jackson’s death…

    I’m glad it’s just the RAM. My own hard-drive died “unbacked-up” two years ago and I would want to wish this to anyone. Well, ok, maybe to a couple of people. đŸ™‚

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