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This is a nice small computer, and xp works well, even fast – !? I skipped the new firefox and took Iron. That is the google chromium browser just without all the gimmicks – lean, fast, no nonsense. I like it.

What I did not like tonight was to read the “corrections” a professor penciled down into a foreign students manuscript. The additional letter dripped from selfish narrow-minded arrogance. He threw the student into plain depression with a summarizing unfair critic choosing inadequate words. And when you look at the “corrections” it is pure hairsplitting, sheer cosmetics: It is of no scientific interest whether the student writes “sie schauten aus dem Fenster” or “sie blickten aus dem Fenster”, both describes that people look outta the window! He canceled 5 pages as “untolerable redundancy”, I guess without having read them. It is terrible.
The German Language is not easy to learn and when you switch on the tv or listen to “talk radio” you have to realize that a large part of the aboriginal population is unable to master its native tongue. I read scientific papers that were nearly un-understandable authored by native speakers.
But what we have here is a fairly readable text written by a foreigner – of course it needs a make-over, corrections and further editing – but there is as far as I can see no substantial fault to it, there is simply no reason to condemn it, there is no reason to offend and affront the writer.
What stings me most is the arrogance. This attitude like “Ha, you poor uneducated … yer here to learn from me. Yer stupid as hell, but I know how history has to be written. And in my unbearable mercy I will allow you to write a paper, I will even take your examination with both eyes shut – piss off and be thankful, and honour my name loud in your dirty third world country”. That’s the subtext I get when I read the letter and look at these “corrections”. No, this man is no adornment for Minerva’s temple.

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  1. T&I
    Well said.

    A tempting possibility. But I think I will give the student a good German text, discuss it with him and prepare him for the examination, kind of tutoring. I want him to be successfull, right into the face of this idiot on the chair.

    Yes, always stunning again!Power over people really seperates the good from the bad.

  2. I’ve always felt the best way to know a person is give him some power and see what he does with it. School is a particularly good example of that. I still remember my 5th grade teacher, a charming ol’ fellow. He’d only slap us for serious infractions such as spelling mistakes…

    Send your professor over. I learned my third language by leafing through very classy magazines, such as Weekend and Praline, and speaking with indigenous folk who use highly educated words, such as machule.

    That should give him something really substantial to do.

  3. Ahh, “Wochenend'” und “Praline”, das ergibt einen interessanten Wortschatz! “Machulle machen” wie in “Pleite gehen”? Mein Rotwelsch ist nicht so gut und mein Jiddisch war auch schon mal besser. dann gibt’s noch “Falle machen”, aber das gehört nicht hierher …

  4. “Teachers” like that are the worst. Reminds me of my sixth grade teacher. I think this jerk really hated kids. He had me in tears a lot of the time–and I was actually a good kid. He was the only teacher I ever played a prank on. I locked his filing cabinet and the stupid jerk couldn’t find his key. He railed at the class for a good 20 minutes about what scum we were. Only that time I didn’t feel sad. I felt vindicated, if a little frightened.

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