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  1. Hi, I’m enjoying the Bach to Bach. Thanks for dropping by earlier. Sorry the place looked a bit of a mess (time of month thing). Yeah, MJ said I could borrow you for a footrub?

    But I can’t keep you too long, as she needs hers doing as well.

  2. Savannah
    Yes, but no Lyle L. – sorry. MAybe later some Jazz.

    That’s very kind of you.

    Your vanishing took me by surprise and I wondered – good to hear that nothing bad happened.
    Here it’s work at strange hours, it was a genealogical research and still is reading a magistral thesis. If we could carry on this way it would be no fault. But vacation time is lurching …

    Hey! It’s only Rock’n Roll … glad you liked it!

    Hello and welcome, thank you for your first comment.
    The Mistress rents me out on a strictly short term basis and all contract things have to be cleared via her desk. Any preferences?

    Yes, but far away from the exotic things you listen to! Bands I never heared of, sounds never listened to before!

  3. I love the piano in the Jethro Tull. I have heard some of their stuff before but never this one. ACDC is also very familiar to me and a favorite of mine. Now I have listened to the Bach to bach and that piano is wonderful also. Thanks for posting this

  4. Savannah
    No my Dear, you have the direct conncetion, the short cut :))

    Raine, I amvery glad you showed up – since my large computer crashed I am using a notebook – and all my links are still sleeping on the other harddrive hopefully to be awoken sometime in the future. So I am gld that I can ad you to my linklist now again!

  5. Glad you could spend time with Dr.B . The fact that he can work for a couple hours before he tires in not too bad for someone almost 100. I enjoyed the musical break. I am doing fine and I got off one pill and next month I am going to try to get off another one.

  6. Joyce
    I am glad to hear that you could reduce your pills. Yes, Dr. B. is amazing. See – I have to look up a book for him, nearly forgot about that! He wants to have it on Frayday …

    So you found me, a Jethro Tull loving virgo …

    I confesss that I never before heared of Mr. Wanzel, but I’ve been on the road before.
    Diplomat? Often, but not always.

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