Can you read this?

Savannah did it, Amanda did it and Leah followed when she came back home. Cheesemeister is still searching for a photographer and Nimh sayed she’d be ready at the weekend. MJ insists on having sent to me a sample already, Scarlet furiously scribbeled away and Kahless deceided to wait a little. It was started by austere and Norrbu.

16 thoughts on “Can you read this?

  1. I can! I like it. It gives a personal touch to your post. I have always been able to imitate my mother’s signature (maybe due to some practice in school) but only recently has my writing begun to resemble hers. Hopefully I can maintain some legibility as I age which she seems to disregard:)

  2. I adore this idea! I can’t wait to do it. I arrive back in Brooklyn Thursday night and will do. I love seeing your handwriting–it’s beautiful and adds a whole new dimension to the mago I am getting to know!

  3. To avoid misunderstanding: It was not my idea! I was tagged by austere, who was tagged by Norrbu.

    Soso … some practice in school … it was all self-defence!

    Hello, welcome and thank you for your first comment here.
    Come on, write some sentences!

    You are very discretional …

    Exactly – in your own hand!

    I have to thank you for taggin’ me.

    Savannah here:

    *blush* … yeah it’s Norrbu’s idea!

    A doctor’s writing? “Take it to the pharmacy and pray …” :)

    That does not count! You wrote my adress in “Blockbuchstaben” “Capitals” – that is not what generally is understood by “writing with own hand”. Come on Mistress!

    My dear, I will move over stante pede and read your rant!

    Das würde mich wirklich sehr freuen.

    You finally came down from that table?

  4. I will do it this weekend.
    I beleive my handwriting is very similar yours. The most notable difference being the first letter of each word are done different, but we both make them “open”.

    I read an anlysis once that said:
    Our “o’s” mean we can be tight-lipped. Good at holding secrets and that we are loyal and conscientious people. Downside, maybe too defensive and shrewd at times.

    Still with open beginnings we are not completely closed off to others I think.

    Big open-letter writers tend to be expressive, outgoing people. And with that, I guess their downside might be that they are not so good at holding secrets.

    So, I would not tell MJ where you hid all that gold. :)


  5. Hi Mago, I’ve put up my handwriting. I write print, although not capital letters, rather than script. My script is just dreadful with the exception of my signature which is quite tidy.

    I like this so much that I might handwrite my blog entries for awhile…

  6. I write in mostly “Blockbuchstaben” “Capitals” joined up writing is so ghey it just doesn’t fit the 21st century.

    So then, what does yer letter say? did you write it with a pen between yer toes due to the straitjacket?

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