Things that happen

Working as security assistant bears some surprises. For example I did not expect to be called a “Jesus murderer” (Jesusmörder). The crazy normally call early in the morning just in the (two) hour(s) before six o’clock – at this point the telephone is re-linked to the central customer’s service or how ya call it. Mostly tenthousand promille alcohol blast in your ear and you know how to handle. For some years an old lady called through the night to ask for time and date and sometimes – depending on her medication – a nice conversation could come up. Sadly she died last October. But this midday my colleague and I were taken by surprise, because above mentioned insult came up. I still do not understand what made us kill God’s son, but I am over it. My colleague is an ex-Jehovas-wittness and it touched some long forgotten layers of his personality. He truely wanted to go home.

In other news a trusted and seasoned colleague, kind of old battlehorse, managed to lock himself out of a high security lab. I guess he had some kind of blackout, it was in the middle of the night. But his reaction was stunning, because he phoned the customer, the head of saied lab’s security branch: Instead of keeping this mistake low profile he drew maximum attention to it – and next Thursday we all have to show up and will be explained how a lock works or something. Plain bullsh*t and very good for the image – “Those blokes are really too stupid …”
In other news: Missus Igor (yeah!) has finally managed to find another friend, but judging from the noises her taste did not improve, or she is unable to learn from earlier mistakes – the stomping, drunk shouting and noise of falling bottles indicates that she simply fell for another Russian superman. I do not expect too much, but it’s half past three in the morning and I’d like to sleep a little when I come back from work. Thankfully her new friend brought new music along the dirttrack and it is not the same boom-boom as it was. It is different boom-boom and it is classy now, because it goes boom-ta-boom. Welldone lad. Oh – spoke too early: they take a shower now, fine, good people, the orgy is over and we sleep clean: The lady plays in another league – now it’s fifty per evening …
Yes, I know, but I am really in a fowl mood now.


10 thoughts on “Things that happen

  1. It’s quiet now. Night is longer, no blueish light as some weeks before. Good clean air, too cold for July, but summer will hit us. I am tired. Sleep is welcome. Midday some hours work and then the godawfulmonstershift onto Monday morning. I’ll stumble out like a drunk. My lottery ticket did not win and I did not hear from applications I wrote. Anyway, the world keeps on spinning, “es geht der Wind und wackeln die Bäum’ …”

  2. I really do not miss living in an apartment and listening to the disembodied sounds and smells of neighbors. I wish you could be in some other arrangement. I’ve heard that all of Europe is espensive thoug, especially for housing.

    Do take care of yourself at any rate. I would recommend earplugs, but I already know they do not work.


    The previous post request has been done.

  3. Don’t worry, I’m often called a Jesus Murderer! I’ve grown to like it!

    I love hearing about your job, I can’t help it, it’s interesting. But I also wish for you to feel fulfilled and to have most days be good days.

  4. Lily
    “Drama” like in chaos confusion and loud singing? Something like Italian Opera?

    Thank you. It’s Monday afternoon, I slept and feel better.

    Housing is expensive, even when the market is crashing. Thank you for the writing!

    Tom and Icy
    The yellow bustier did impress you, eh?

    Thank you, I’ll do. Mostly thinking of forests. 🙂

    I am not used to this. The religiously troubled seem to call on weekends …

    But it does not satisfy the hunger …

    Some cross-action? I fear most of them would like it … “Exorcism light in the backroom for 49,99”, what a mess …

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