Late Afternoon on my Front Lawn


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  1. It took less then an hour. The balloon itself is filled with hot air pretty fast. They had to wait a little, because when it stood up a kind of wind rushed through this small valley and the hull started to crank from one side to the other pretty steep. And they waited for some passengers. I think I took the first picture 18:45 and the last maybe 19:20. They can lift off really fast. They prefer this small valley as starting place because it is nearly round and closed. This freak wind rush was kind of unusual, so normally you can get your Montgolfiere upright undisturbed.

  2. That is some front lawn! Great pictures. It is something that I would like to do. Being above it all and slowly look around. I have seen shows about balloons but never saw one close. A loaf of bread,some cheese and something to drink while on the trip. Dream way to spend a day.

  3. Wow. I love the view from your front lawn. When you next are free for a foot rub, can I come over to yours to have it done?

    I’ll bring a couple of bottles of red.

  4. Scarlet
    I live in a large house, but I would not call it manorial. It’s more the servant’s wing.

    Yes, it must be a real satisfying experience: It is quiet, no wind and what a view! Limited only by the daylight and the amount of combustible the vehicle can carry. One day …

    Don’t get fooled with that view – here is absolutely no mountain. It’s just like looking into the inside of a cup and the house I am in is on the other side, on top of the edge.

    🙂 Tea and sympathy. I’ll ask Amanda about tea and tea preparing … and I’d need advice what tea to use? The seeminly simple can become complicated or at least full od ideas and relations, a result of reduction.

    Here they very often go/start in the afternoon. Backyard, frontlawn – depends from where you look. They grow good wine there too. I hope you can get enough sleep m’dear.

    You are welcome! 🙂 What kind of red do you prefer?

  5. It’s years since I tasted a Merlot. You need to have a sip of Regent, Domina, Trollinger and Burgunder. Franconia grows traditionally white sorts as Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Bacchus; once a while white burgundy or Traminer. A rich variety of tastes. Some sorts with funny names like “Lump”, “Teufelskeller”, “Hummelberg”. Hope you are well.

  6. Did someone mention tea? 🙂

    Just came back from the tea store with half a kilo of my favorite poison. So tiring. I should just set up a Lastschriftverfahren for every 2 months and be done with it.

    PS. Nice lawn.

  7. Nimh says:

    Kyrie and my neighbors dog Murphy are both retty easy going, but the hot air balloons that go over our neighborhood in the summers really freak them out. It’s that whole “whoosh-shhhhh” sounds when they feed the fire to rise. They are often flying really low too, just above the tree tops.

  8. Amanda
    You could buy it säckeweise …

    Some balloneers want to show their skill doing that. And when you fire it up you get a really steep lift upwards. You can even tree-hop.

    My gardeners take care …

    Pfff, Versailles! Stinky place! had to be cleaned and desinfected once a year … I live just under Mrs. Igor.

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