Lost in nightshift

Someone – excuse me, I simply forgot who and am too tired to look it up – wanted to hear more about me actual work. So. It’s “security”, the soft one. The Firm is contractor to a large company that outsourced different things. I was working on an hourly basis for some months and then became fully engaged – my contract was silently made a steady one. As I mentioned earlier (it’s labeled “security”) there’s St.Peter the leader, Charles the authority, Pete the old hand, Arbuckle, Green and me.

Green discharged for good, it was clear that it was not his kind of job, he did one year and that was that.
Arbuckle told everybody how upbeat he was and some weeks ago he called all of a sudden in mumbling something like “I’m ill ’til twelfth, fuck you clowns.” It’s okay to go, it’s okay to change, it’s even okay to “become ill” – at least for a while – it’s not okay to tell people that you’d hang on and then kick the bucket and run away. Nobody wants him back.
The first replacement acted dumb and dumber and cost us two weeks – then St.Peter exploded. I guess the bloke just showed up because the labour authority made him do it.
The second replacement did not show up, as did the third.
Another old hand was re-activated. I know the man from the dreaded construction site, where he kept it all together and after the end of this project he decided to work only part time. He actually joined in well, understood all what had to be grabbed very well and professionally. Yesterday he did not show up. We could not reach him by telephon. His excuse is so good that even St.Peter has to accept it because he’s in hospital with an heart attack.
St.Peter accepts this because he himself will have a minor surgery this week and is off at least for the month coming.
So it’s Charles, Pete-the-oldtimer and me left doing hours without end because three people now work for what is normally done with six persons or five and a part-timer.

Up to now I only did nightshifts. The aim is that anybody can work on every shift, so I work daytime too, at least at the weekend to learn, and on the shift from afternoon into the night. It is very different from what I did until now because one has to deal with customers, firms/craftsmen, visitors, foolish middle-management (shoot them!), and the backstabbers from the company, that is the last survivors of the departement replaced by the Firm (well, “us”) – a special kind of infight one only can enjoy – distance is the magical word here.

No larmoyance. I get paied by hours, so “Stunden schrubben / shrubbing (??) hours” is principally good. I learn a lot – about the inner workings of an organisation, about frustration and demotivation of people, about leading, about authority (auctoritas, what I rank higher than the right of command), about manipulation, and the “magick” of the uniform – very double-edged. A world of men, gossiping and tattling, caring for images of strongness and grandeur, boasting peacocks, greasy traitors, an incredible zoo, a stage. I play a role, but I can not see or distinguish it, I follow my intuition as always and astoundingly I gain authority. I do not really want this. I want something different. Ten hours sleep would do now.

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  1. Sounds like you have me beat as far as clown co-workers, but I bet our supervisors are in the running with each other as far as who can treat their employees more like complete and utter crap.

  2. It’s distressing when all you do is work and sleep. Especially when the work you do isn’t what you want to be doing.

    *pours cup of cocoa, places it on bedside, tucks Mago in, tiptoes out*

  3. Where is Mago? Weaving through the shadows again, just as any proper magician should.

    Be sure to get enough vitimin D and B’s, Mister! They are critical to mental and physical health.

    Often you will not realize how much you are lacking, until your levels get bumped back into the proper parameters.

    Take care,

  4. Thank you, mago, for indulging me–it was I who asked to know more, but I’m sure others as well. This is beautifully written as well as being evocative and a bit poignant. I am always so fascinated by the subcultures of other people’s work. I guess you are too; it probably helps to make the job bearable and even interesting!

  5. I like to read about your work, even though I wish it were a more fulfilling one for you. And yes, I think the last paragraph especially is an accurate description of every workplace on earth.

  6. Lily
    You bet!

    Yer a strong dominatrix …

    Yes, not too much left to say. Now at least.

    What about a strong red or a nice cup of single malt?

    B’s ‘n D’s? Sounds nasty to me. It’s in beer also?

    Subculture is right here. It’s EUropean Ethnology live.

    Or to hell.

    I fear you are right …

    Nono, not gossip, but … well modified share of information. Kahless, there goes absolutely nothing unnoticed and uncommented. How do you translate “Ruf” or “Ansehen”? Make stains and they’ll accompany for yer time being in this relations. Worse then marriage.

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