Tower of Power

Monika the mechanic managed to bolt a machine together. It’s built from remains of different computers, but it’s running, has more uuumph then the old tower and comes with newer programs. While at it I discovered that on my old harddrive a nasty trojan was lurking in the boot, a member of the “sinowal”-family: It’s good in stealing banking data and building zombie bot nets. We decided to take no prisoners so the actual machine has to be flatted sometimes next week, what is a chance to have additional changes. Best thing is that it is significantly more quiet Maybe there’s a left over graphic card too. So it’s my new used tower.


23 thoughts on “Tower of Power

  1. Dear, just kill it. But allow me to save some data first I do not want to loose.
    Your realtionship to computers seems to be a bit strained? I can’t say much bad about these machines. I use them since the mid-80s. I found them to be useful tools, for writing, playing around with pictures and graphics and such. The “real” digitalzation kicked in sometimes in the 90s, at least in the private sector. In business and industry they took over much earlier, but I have not had bad experiences with them.

    I am no person who needs to have the most advanced item, in fact I would very much like to have one of the first pecking-boards back – I have no clue who produced them or type-number, but I do remember well the sound and the very good feeling when typing, they were pretty heavy, a real “Tastatur”.

    Computers itself are simple. What we have to deal with are too complicated programs. And no, Savannah, I never had a Mac.

    And now I am simply collapsing , platsch …

  2. I like computers.

    Every 3-4 years my ‘middle-of-the-range’ system starts moving slower than a drunken slug and then it becomes upgrade/buy new one? As I refuse to tinker in the innards, it’s usually buy a new one.

    I’m facing the debate about that now…


    I don’t think computers have got faster…programmers are too busy writing crap into the system so they take just as long to do anything.

    Sorry, only one coffee today. Incoherent rant…

  3. Amanda
    Thank you. Es freut mich wirklich ein Lebenszeichen von Dir zu bekommen. Ich hoffe es geht Dir einigermaaßen wohl.

    Thank you, I am sure it will.

    Tom and Icy
    I heared positive things about the new windows. It seemingly is remarkably faster then vista, very stable. Combined with hardware that can handle the new possibilities computing should go fast and smooth, from October onwards. But it’s micosoft after all, so a little doubt remains.

  4. Cool!
    I watched a documentary on used computers ending up in China or the slums of Africa where dudes glean banking data and compromising photos off the hard drives of the unsuspecting suburban owners back in the U.S of A.

    It showed how easy it was to get at the credit card and banking info. Quite the scam. You need to disintegrate and incinerate your info 🙂

  5. My first computer was a 1989 Tandy from Radioshack (not sure you have “Radioshack there) I did not do much on it. Wrote a few high school papers, played hangman and started a diary in it’s password-protected diary that it offered, but forgot the password at some point.

    I don’t think I wrote anything to scandalous in it. Things that are not meant to be share have always been written and then promptly burned.

    A young Vietnamese family bought it from me. I wonder if their young son ever found his way into the white women’s diary.


  6. Mago,
    can I ask a big favour….?
    I need the following two sentances translated into german…

    “coming soon”

    “a place for every football fan”

    could you please do it for me?
    I dont suppose you can do Spanish and french too

  7. Donn
    If I can shift over my depts … ?

    I greeted him very freindly and up to now he does his job.

    Radioshack? Sorry, I have no idea what that is.It’s a tempting idea that there are machines with such texts and pictures, bits and pieces of alien life!

    I was searching for a title from Nebrasca of Springsteen where it went about “our new used car”, but I was too tired.

    That would be Greek?

    Thank You Joyce!

    “Coming soon” can have different meanings – in what conection/surrounding. If the waiter says it I’d translate it with “Komme gleich!”, but if it’s “coming soon [in this theater]” a simple “Bald [in diesem Theater]” would do.
    “A place for every football fan” – ein Platz für jeden Fussballfan, or “für alle Fussballfans” – that depends on the emphasis and again on the “connection/surrounding” of the sentence. Are you working on some fan-project?

  8. Soren
    Aah, the microviruses! Yer a killer, nice to have you back. I really thought you exploded.

    Anyway I will put myself to sleep now – and whoever dares to try to wake me up will die by my bare hands strangeled. This MOnday I do not have to work, I had my 18 hours from Saturday to Sunday and tten flucking nightshifts in a row its enough. Replacement number how much? was just a lazy big mouth, holy crap who is in the finding commission?
    What a beautiful immaculate sky this morning, no scratches by aeroplanes and a bright morning star unmoved eternal silver all waiting for the sun to explode over the horizon. I want to life on a hill to have an outlook. Tonight I saw some “white mice”, ach schlafen …

  9. I’ve always wished I was one of those people that could build something workable out of cannibalized parts. My ex husband is good at what he terms “bastard fixes.” Myself, I stand there with tools in hand looking like a drooling idiot!
    I’m also thanking those people in my life who are my friends without passing judgment on me for my many flaws. Thank you.

  10. Austere
    A consolamentum, Trost, a promise …

    No sleep ’til Hammersmith … this month is terrible. HAve to work tomorrow morning – THEn I am allowed to collapse. have to make some transscriptions.

    I understood how to hammer a nail into the wall. and that is all about my do-it-yerself-abilities. After some payneful experiences I do not try to do such a thing – there are people who actually CAN do this. I can do other things these people have no clue about. Flaws, my dear? Ach Gott … “Richtet nicht, auf dass ihr nicht gerichtet werdet.” It’s good to know you.

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