Personal nightmares

I was tagged by Scarlet to “write a list of once in a life time experiences that I wouldn’t like to ever, ever experience ever again… ever.” While she managed to write an entertaining list I doubt that I can do it this way. XL did it his way.
So I just soldier on with a list of personal nightmares.

1) The fraction of a second when you realize that impact is inevitable. It’s quiet and you are a passenger. Maybe your foot is on the brake or you do else whatever has to be done. Maybe you wonder “How much will it c …” Afterwards there is still silence. Then there is smell. Maybe something is burning or its the gunpowder of the airbags. The rest is reflexes and adrenaline.
2) You are in high spirits, pick up the phone and your best friends tells you under tears that your mutual friend for years is dead now. What to say?
3) You have an important talk, kind of speech maybe. You loose your audience and that was that: Over, out, burnt – shoot me please. The real bad part comes in the bar when you ask yourself why. And you have no explanation, not after years.
4) You had your scene on the stage and it went well. Then you realize that nobody told you the direction to go off.
5) You give your first public lecture. You come too late, have to pay entrance fee and where’s that manuscript, eh?
6) You wake up with a really bad hangover. The dreams do not stop. For some time it is unclear whether you committed that crime or not.
7) You have a nightly ride on a motorcycle you borrowed from a friend; a large civilian limousine pulls over and you can make no getaway because the damn engine splutters and stalls. You have to discuss boring details like exhaust pipe, drivers licence and alcohol level. You have to explain your friend that his motor is in police custody.
8) Racing down a hill on an old bycicle you jump it over a small earthwork, take off and fly. The phantastic feeling takes you by surprise, you can not focus on the proper landing procedure and so you learn that payne can make one vomit.

That’s about it. Sorry to end with a stain, but I do not change that list now.
Feel free to give your own.


15 thoughts on “Personal nightmares

  1. xl says:

    Very good list! Thanks for the mention.

    3, 4, 5: I almost included fear of public-speaking in mine.

    6: I hope that resolved satisfactorily in your favor.

    Oh Hai Miss Savannah!

  2. Savannah
    Yes, every single one goes in his own direction πŸ™‚

    I think that I now can stand in front of people and speak about nearly any topic. That number six was one of the most frightening experiences. I do not want to mess with levels of reality. And no, I did not kill the man.

  3. Roses
    It sounds more horrid then it actually is.
    Hmm, I still have a bycicle …

    You BET!

    It’s all working, thank you. Have to look for your meet&greet confessions!


    You know what I mean.
    “Don’t do this at home!”

  4. I get 1 and 2 especially.

    With no. 1 I was scared I had hurt or killed someone, and couldnt look up.

    No.2, I was the one that had to break the news to a mutual friend.

    i hope neither happen again.

  5. Nimh says:

    It is a good list of baddies.

    Sadly, I too have become uncomfortably familiar with #2. No moats can protect from the loss of a friend.

    Maybe I will do this. We shall call it a “Nightmare Meme” of sorts?

    As for the stage, The first time I made my entrance on stage, I promplty threw up. It was in front of a packed opening night performance. I had the flu and my fellow dancing trees in a Children’s production of “Snow White” had to go on without me. I was the lead dancing tree. Due in large part to being the tallest kid, not the most graceful one. πŸ™‚


  6. The Fear Factor is a powerful force that once kept us from being consumed by multicellular carnivores..and more ofthen than not, other humans.

    Unfortunately modern humans cannot find the off switch and imagined threats trigger all those hormones and gradually kill us.

    Our brain doesn’t have a junk file so these phobias are treated as real threats.

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