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Normally I am not very interested in German politics because a) I have a deep mistrust against professional politicians, and b) because I think that the most important decisions are made “in Europe“, the Strasbourg parliament and the administration in Brussels. Yesterday we had the elections to the national parliament here and the so called Liberal Party (FDP) had an astounding result. It is clear that the conservative CDU and the so called liberal party will form a coalition and rule over this country for the next four years.
In my opinion that is really bad. The so called liberal party over the last years became reduced to a Westerwelle fan club. Anybody only slightly capable of formulating an opinion difffernt from the head honcho’s was ousted. The absolute point of no return was reached when some of the old members, who held positions as secretaries in various gouvernment administrations in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s left the party – notably Hildegard Hamm-Brücher. The highly venerable Lord Dahrendorf also made some critical remarks into this direction.
I could at once name people from other parties, who are of some intellectual calibre and have the ability to handle power and be member of a governement. I am afraid there are no such heads in the so called liberal party. Except Westerwelle who now will become Germany’s next foreign minister and vice chancellor. He reached his aim, driven by his astounding and brutal ambition. Some weeks ago he gave a speech at a think-tank close to the ministry of foreign affairs. Various reports stated that his message was simply that foreign politics under Genscher were good and he will succeed Genschman and all will be good. There was a noteable lack of vision, of idea, of thought. I seriuosly doubt that the personal ambition of a party leader is enough for running the foreign politics of an important European nation.
It will become a bitter time for the unemployed, for people with low payed and unlearned professions, for the social weak and vulnerable. Because all the so called liberal party actually stands for is what they call economic freedom. That means simply no more rules and everybody for his own. There is no socalled liberal who would made a statement through the ongoing crisis of the economy, would show something like a re-thinking of the “neo-liberal” position or would admit the possibility of a mistake. All the stupid bla about “Leistung muss sich lohnen” (performance must pay), all that social darwinistic bullshit ala “Wer will, der kann!” (Who wants will succeed) will return in full force. The conservatives at least have an idea about the social tasks of the state and base their idea of a society on christian values. The only value the so called liberal party accepts is cash.


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  1. xl says:

    I saw in the news that Ms Merkel won re-election. However, I do not know about your political parties.

    I hope this is not a rude question.

    If I correctly understand your initial statement, why do you consider the EU more important than the sovereign German government?

  2. Because the European Union, the parliament and the Council and the other super-national bodies, set the limits within the national gourvnements can move.
    We have one currency, one market place without limits spanning from Portugal to the east end of Poland and the Baltic States to Sicily; we have one police force, functioning European jurisdiction and courts; we have a military force; we have coordinated foreign policy and we are working on a constitution. The damned Irish should finally say yes.
    All this is un-returnable, there is no way back, this project is condemned to deliver. The Eu-project is one of the most thrilling things you can watch develop while you are living, only the incredible development of India and China is comparable. But India and China are already large political bodies and they develop firstly economical. Europe works on finding an identity and on political unification, economically I guess the borders are insignifcant.
    The German gouvernement is souvereign, as are all the other gouvernements of the states which are members of the European Union. And all these states gave in a piece of their souvereignity by becoming members of the club. There are limits. Even a fool like Berlusconi recognizes this. There are Euro-sceptics as Vaclav Klaus in Tschechien, who blabs a lot of nonsense, or the Kacinsky-brothers in Poland. But the young people grow up without the borders, with free travel and excange, developing an European identity. In the end a run-away-national-amok is impossible, situations like August 1914 or September 1939 (January 1933) can not be repeated. The power slowly but steadily shifts from the national bodies to the European Parliament. This is the place where decisions are made that have to be put into national policy, where tax-money is directed, where a common foreign policy is debated.

    What a suada.

  3. Are you describing your government with an oxymoron? Is it Conservatively Liberal or Liberally Conservative? A detour is supposed to redirect us to a better road, but politics seems to be the muddy road.

  4. Tom & Icy
    Oxymoron – that is an interesting thought. Germany was ruled by a coalition for the last four years. The conservative party (CDU) and the socialdemocratic party (SPD) joint forces. This has definitely come to an end. Now it is conservative CDU with so called liberal party FDP. Together they have nearly half of the votes and they will have a comfortable dvantage over theother three parties in the parliament, the SPD, the Green Party and the commies.
    Politics is a guarantee for mud.

  5. Excellent political post mortem.

    From over here in the Canada I see some definite advantages to having a gigantic economy made up of 350 million souls just like a triumverate North America would.

    Of course unlike the Colonies, Europe hasn’t been waging wars with each other for centuries so I would expect distrust and hesitation from the older generation who lived through the WW2 and grew up with nationalism and the Cold War.

    I would love to see a day when all countries were abolished and Earthlings pulled all of those fake lines off of their maps. I’m not delusional enough to believe that is possible but it would be cool.

    I can envison a time when North America and Europe combine economically to compete with that uber-juggernauts but China and India will always have one third of the entire human population.

    I don’t trust professional politicians either…who does?

  6. Austere
    Germany is well incorpotated into international treaties and organizations and yes, even he’d proof to be a total failure the damage would be limited. I guess the problem is that nobody knows what he stands for, generally, and especially in foreign politics. Is he pro-atlantic or more interested in Eastern relations? Has the so called liberal party any idea about the Near East? What about the borders of the EU (where thousands die every year!) and the EU’s relations to it’s neighbours in the South? Et cetera. So the administration within the ministery of foreign affairs will take care and avoid real harmful accidents. The damage he can do can be caused by in- or over-acticity and by misbehaviour. And because over the last years the so called liberal party told everybody all and everything one would like to hear nobody knows something for sure. That gives room for speculation and close watching. So clumsy actions will be interpreted. We’ll see.

    Hallo earthling! I am sorry, no poem here 🙂

  7. Nimh says:

    Politics, ugh! Not my prefered brew.

    Why don’t you ever tell me about the tribes of Germainia? Is that outside of your focused time period?

    Can you tell me anything about the La Tene gravesites excavated at Glauberg in Hesse, northeast of Frankfurt-am-Main? Is this anywhere close to you?


  8. Glauberg – that is Celtic. Stands in line with other places like Hochdorf.


    At the Glauberg they found this statue you can see here.


    Currently it is all in a stage of transition and re-building there. It is not far away from Franconia.
    Sorry, this is just a very fast answer. Hochdorf was THE archeological sensation in the 1980s, the Glauberg-finds are really exceptional. Slowly but steadily our picture about the Celtic people and their cities and civilization becomes better and more detailed. They had good contacts all over Europe. Sadly enough we do not know of written sources, it is all at least second ahnd via the Roamsn. But with new finds we have to change the picture of the Roman conquer too, see the big horse head they found only weeks ago.


    Sorry, only German here, I’ll look for English sites.

  9. One of the few things I regret about being a foreigner is that I can’t vote.

    Not that it would really change anything. Corporations make the decisions and the voters pretend they have something to do with it. But still, it would fun.

    There’s some liberal ideas that aren’t too bad actually. But, like everything else, ideas start to suck if taken to extremes.

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