5 thoughts on “Pipe

  1. Kahless – I am very sorry that your sound does not work now. In this little piece the sound is absolutely important, it culminates in a little “bing”. Tati worked a long time on the sound of this film, there is no “real” dialogue in the whole picture. I very much like this scene, from the first time I saw it as a kid I could not forget it. And am very happy that someone put it on the web.
    dead tired now.

  2. Co-ordinating ambient sound to work with a different action is really an art. I found that out when I make little one minute video posts and often spend hours to get the right sound to synch in just a few seconds of the video.

  3. Leah
    Tati has a very friendly humor. Happy dancing at the Ball!

    Tom and Icy
    It is a real tough job. I worked a little on editing interviews I did with some people remembering their lives – ten seconds can be substantial!

    My pleasure!

    That’s fine – you surely can rent it out somewhere -, have a glass of red French wine and enjoy.

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