Potente’s Knob

While walking through empty houses in the night you learn to pay attention to details. There is – hopefully – nothing else to do and it can be of importance.
I saw this special knob in a strange building I have to visit from time to time. It stood out. Not simple straightly upright in unreflecting knobness as others, but elegantly swingling, waiting and inviting to be touched, gripped and pressed.
The knob was created by Johannes Potente working for FSB, which company sells it until today, FSB 1020.
While looking for this item I came over a large searchable database of products, designers, manufacturers – it shall be the new “Catch”: Stylepark. I find it fascinating and I hope you can also enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Potente’s Knob

  1. I had to look “cat burglar” up. The German translation would be “Klettermaxe” or “Fassadenkletterer”. Sorry, xl, I am too old and unsporty for such a job. I am working as a kind of security bloke at night to make ends meet. And by the way I like cats.

  2. Leah
    Old fittings and other parts today still can be found in the East. But some people do fake them – it’s astounding how much faked pieces are on the market. So if you want to buy something be careful.

    Old K.
    “Art is a dirty job, but someone has to do it!”

    Yes, style is important. And it is very difficult to design parts for daily use that are really good for use AND do look good. You can go wild on forms with absolutely stunning looks and produce terribly unpractical junk. That’s what Memphis under head honcho Sottsass in the 1980s produced, not entirely, but a lot!

    All in style …

    Glad you found it!

    Best things in life are free.

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