Gulda plays Bach

A moment of sheer beauty.




8 thoughts on “Gulda plays Bach

  1. Roses, Ponita
    Glad that you liked it.
    Actually I was looking for some music to bring me down after another bloodcurdling 12-hour night-shift. Lucky weekend with just one of these monsters, I hate it beyond description. There is no beauty, nichts Schönes, no comfort, it just is, rumbling on like a machine. My grandfather when died – and my mother too – talked about a machine, a bone crushing blood spilling monster they saw, I slowly understand, grandfather was in Kursk again in his final weeks and mother in her own personal hell fighting cancer, I am not dying but I feel my Kraft running out, my brain afflicted hard to concentrate on a text forgetting things and worst of all I am changing, become irate turn into something nasty … my contract says 100 hours I walk out with 180 averaged or more all nightshift, if I carry on I’ll have an heart-attack at fifty, I drink too much, and yes there’s smoke again.
    Jeanne called for a collective OM when she went to the last fight, she knew she’d loose as other friends, I feel crap that I wasn’t there.
    There is the possibility of change and it will be deceided in the coming days not by me obviously, I need a kind of OM now, so be kind and ask yer personal GOd a favour for this sinner, hope they do not get jealous at each other.

    and I want to be surrounded by goddam beauty! I am fed up with greasy ugly hoplesness, there must be a way outta here!

  2. Oh honey.

    You sound at the end of your tether. Keep breathing lovely, in and out.

    I’m sending you many, many hugs.

    My e-mail is on my profile. Drop me a line and I can send you some completely inappropriate humour.

  3. I hope you have a bathtub decent enough for soaking your weary self in. When one cannot escape their surroundings. Nice music and hot water help to soothe the sting.

    Did you hear they found King Cambyses II’s army lost in 525 B.C.? 50,000 troops just “disappeared”.

    And, “Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!” uh-ra! It was signed into creation in the back room of a Philadelphia pub in 1775. A pub, yes, naturally. 🙂

    Keep your chin up Mago.

    Maybe buy yourself something red to cheer you up.

    Big Hug,

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