History as I like it

To tune in for the coming weekend’s monster shifts … alas, it always could be worse … couldn’t it …




9 thoughts on “History as I like it

  1. Ponita
    Gern geschehen!

    Good. And may I just mention “high performance and dependibility” …

    Badly enough.

    Lily S.
    Drafted – yes: That is a very good description.

    If you hear a loud bam in the coming minutes and the continents do wobble a little it’s because I dropped into my bed.

  2. It can always be worse thats for sure! The object is to remember that there is someone who has it alot worse and take heart from that.
    I remember Pearl Harbor and it is great to look back at it like this and not how it really was.
    Time does help. Keep trudging on Mago!

  3. I remember when the used to show this film in history class and I used to be so excited to tell everyone ‘thats MY DADDY there in the boucle’ suit and spectator pumps!’ which probably explains why I was always chose last for Red Rover. or something.

    you’re a man of taste , mago. I’ve always said so. X!

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