Wrote a letter

I wrote the notice of resignation this evening; printed, signed, sealed and shipped. It’s over with this year: On the evening of 31st of December 2009 I’ll walk out the main post as a free man. Coming month will be hard with endless nights, but that means a good final payment in January. Then I’ll have to scrape together the leftovers of my phantastic mind and try to re-use it. But until then no sleep ’til Sylvester. Think I’ll switch to Punk-mode. No prisoners.


17 thoughts on “Wrote a letter

  1. XL
    I’m the last: Mago Ramone.

    Cheerio! Let’s get stoned!

    KAZ is the toast expert!

    Night prison … what a good and fitting picture.

    I did it. Now I have to explain it to a colleague.

    I’m working on it.

    I’ll strangle peaches for you!

    Belated presents? We will see …

    This afternoon I had one of the fastest meetings ever, 15 minutes and I was out of the room again. I have no idea whether it was good or bad, useful or just plain waste of time and effort. If it works …
    Now I have to concentrate on this last month, it will be heavy.

    I thank you all for the encouragement and the good wishes, all much apreciated. Thank you!

  2. I wish you as much good luck and fairy favor as one could hope for in your upcoming search for new employment!

    If you’re ever interested in starting a collaborative writing project on the side. Email me. We should have reinvented the Illuminaten before Dan Brown! We could have both retired in wealth!

    What then shall we make our own?


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