Here we go

I was some days off, mostly sleeping. This evening I will return to my beloved work and it will go through non-stop full throttle until the end of the year. Then I will be free. Free to conquer the world or to starve to death under the bridge; anyway, no more night-work in strange buildings, no more endless twelve-hour-shifts, no more orders.
Next year will see some change. I have to start walking again and excercising, cut back the Mueller-Thurgau, and need to reconstruct the ruins of my brains: Over the last months I lost contact to the scientific community, I did not follow regular newsletters … things in my university library changed and I have to follow up, contacts need to be activated. The perspective clearly is aimed into coming spring.
15 nightshifts until the better life.


30 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. Hallelujah! 15 nights until you reach the end of the tunnel. I hope that you have a spring that bursts forth with knowledge,beauty,love of life and some fun.
    I hope all your old connections can be reconnected and you learn what it is to sleep at night and work during the day. ((Hugs))

  2. Mago, freedom is a truly wonderful thing, even with its uncertainties! Your new plan of rejuvenation sounds good. I had to look up Mueller-Thurgau, though, before I fully understood.

  3. I like your visual statement:
    “Free to conquer the world or to starve to death under the bridge;…”

    Don’t overwhelm yourself, with all that you feel you need or want to do. There’s no sense losing valuable energy to perculoting frustration. πŸ™‚

    Take care of yourself, my friend

  4. Morning …

    Hallelujah indeed! Yes, this spring shall be it!

    Less cheap booze – more high quality stuff! Seriously I will have a little less of the white.

    Tom & Icy
    Thank you. For you too, your job is much tougher. Take care please when you go over this field.

    No, frustration is not allowed in!
    Hope you two are good?

    Thank you Sugar! Hope you’ll find a little time to post again … ?

    Ach, most things I listed are part of one task, to start re-connecting again. It will last longer than February, be sure!

    To Australia!
    *humming Onwards Christian Soldier*

    Damn right!

    I do not intend to stop!

    Thank you Austere. What will fill your glass?

    More Silvaner!

    Now Ladies and Gentlemen I will go and see Dr. What’s-his-name, my new dentist. His practice is in town, known as the house of screams. My first visit there. I won’t be the same after that.

  5. Dear Mago,

    I can empathise with your need for well earened change. Before reaching Princessdom I worked nightshift for 8 years In a Mental health unit. 12 hour shifts etc etc.

    I had No Life for such a long time.

    You have my best wishes on your new road ahead. Enjoy!

  6. Princess
    Hello and Welcome, thank you for your first comment: Yer Royal Highness perfectly understands the situation. This humble blog feels deeply awarded by your visit. I am glad to assure you that this blog is croc-free.

  7. Professor
    That is a good thing that you came by! I’ll come over and read asap.

    Hello, welcome and thank you for your first comment here. I saw you on other blogs – I will come over and read.

    Next time I’ll kick at the door with my number ten deep sea diver’s boots – at least that’s how my shoes feel on a Monday morning …

    Joanna C.
    Interesting – my best regards to the lucky man!

    Tagged!? I come over right now.

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