Good Morning

Merry Christmas!
Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gesegnetes Fest!

It’s all about hope.


18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Hope it was pleasant for you. I tend to feel hope up till the event and then a sense of letdown as the hope disappears to be replaced by the ugliness of all I haven’t accomplished staring me in the face.
    That was gloomy. Sorry.

  2. Raine
    Thank you again. Well, it was quiet. Thank God.

    Yes, next year will be different. And hopefully better. It’s a bit like jumping, again.

    Leni Qinan
    Welcome, and thank you for your first comment here. I saw your comments on other sites. Its over on 31st, 19:00, no second earlier. Are you German?

    I thank you dear friend, von ganzem Herzen.

    Christmas is over, boxing day is over – happy Sunday!

    Thank you Joyce. Over the years the dreams become a little bit smaller and maybe at one point they have a change to come true. Its about time here.

    🙂 Hope you have a good time.
    Take care.

    Thank you Leah. I found your writing-meme very interesting and will post about a new German writer in the next days.

    Whatever is in the wonderbra, let’s meet at the wonderbar.
    I try.

    You make me blush … but I like it. I hope you have a good time – and can use Mrs. Daisy’s present for a life of debauchery!

    Fat Sparrow
    Thank You! I ahd to look for “festivus” – Mr. Seinfeld was here on tv but not very long – too intellectual for German audiences, or maybe bad synchronized. I hope you already wrestled it out. My best wishes for you all.

    Without hope there’s no life. Quitting that job happens because of hope and gives me hope. I changed over this time, not for the better, and I hope to be myself again.

    Thank You Wanda, I had.

    I am glad to find you here again. I hope you found no unwanted surprises under the tree.

    Ethereal Highway
    Thank You! My times are uneventful and planned. I would like to have some retail-therapy myself, but can not afford it. I would like to ask you one or two questions but am unsure.
    (And mostly I am in the warmth of a nice security installation.)

    Blooming Psycho
    Bloom Gloom – an oldfashioned punkband? Relay, it’s a date. And a lot of expectations are thrown on it, and happy family lies and all. You see through it. You simply do not need to accept all that. After all it’s a day or some days for you. A lady I know this christmas delegated all tasks and for the first time in years had a stress-free time.

    Yowza – I thought you vanished somewhere in the Great White! Thank you Donn and let me say loud and clear that all you’ve done for your friend Chris is a great and moving example of friendship and dedication. Cheers!

    Thank you all!

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