Ssshh …

Happy New Year to All.
And Best wishes for savannah the birthday kid.

Did I miss something?
I go back to sleep.




23 thoughts on “Ssshh …

  1. Oh Mago… you’re finished now, aren’t you?!? Sleep, my dear… sleep with abandon and become rested and clear of mind… the New Year is upon us and it’s time for you to begin anew. Sleep well and dream sweet.

  2. Dear Mago,

    A very Happy New Year to you, and may 2010 Spark new beginnings or re-kindle old passions and flames.

    I believe that this has already started for you!

    Love Princess XXX

  3. I love Sunday mornings here. You always find the best music to share.

    Many hugs to you my dear. Hope you’re enjoying your freedom and the post-work bleugh doesn’t last too long.

  4. Joyce
    Thank you. I can not remember my dreams in detail, I know that there are dreams and sometimes very busy ones. And I remember that they are connected sometimes, that slipping into deep-sleep-and-dreaming-mode I “see” that I continue where I stopped the morning before. Maybe it’s the parallel existence.

    I never managed to write such a summary of the last year as you did.
    Slowly I get up earlier and from tomorrow, Monday, onwards I will get up early. There are things to be done.

    🙂 Bit by bit. It’s a re-construction, or re-invention. Shoe number 6.

    Maybe I make it a kind of column, the Sunday morning song – sometimes it may be a Saturday evening noise, but not too often.

  5. Savannah
    Thank you. I hope you had a nice birthday. I hope it is a good year for all.

    Thank you, Z! Tea is a nice idea – where’s that bottle of Brandy?

    So you finished the crosswords already. My hand is definitely warmer than Thing T. Thing, the “eiskalte Händchen” it was called in German translation. Best news is that you SLEPT!

  6. Nice to see you blooming again! It is definitely a very good feeling to sleep, But I still carry it with me and sometimes wonder if I should not go to work, or what now has to be done there. But I am sure I will forget that.

  7. Leni
    Thank you, happy New Year to you. Oh, the Sandwitch Islands, time is different there. To what Mann are you referring – Thomas or his brother Heinrich? I like Golo – the son – as an historian very well. An intersting family.

    No. Yes. I go back to bed.

    You and

    seem to think of me as still sleeping – well I slept a lot, but slowly I awake. Actually I feel like a piece of Cosmik Debris, but it gets better …

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