Böööh …

Gargling salt water tastes ugly. But it helps with a sore throat. And I lost my sense of taste anyway – yes, I know, one can only lose what one posseses, ah what a joke. My head hurts, my feet are cold and these goddam windows are crap! I even turned on the heating in my sleeping room, something I never do. Snow piles on my balcony. It’s all black and white outside, very few traffic, next days will be colder. At least there are some small pieces of Marzipan, since 1806.


24 thoughts on “Böööh …

  1. Dear Mago,
    You sound like you could do with a good warming cuddle. I’m sending you one!
    Feel better?
    Luv Princess XXX

    Ps Try this in a tall glass.
    The juice of 1 squeezed Lemon
    A good dollop of bees honey
    Stir and fill with hot water.
    Sip it slowly to sooth a sore throat.
    It worked for me when grandma made it!

  2. I’ll join the group cuddle. I’ve already had ‘flu and am immune. Sending you alternating fizzy orange drinks with bendy straws, and hot tea. Although Princess’ remedy is an excellent one too. Please do take care of yourself.

    I love marzipan!

  3. Joyce
    Electric blanket? With pedal power? I hope yours has some kind of emergency switch or protection against overheating!

    I do too. I am glad that the plantation is untroubled by snow and unpleasant cold.

    All is left is a peppermint patty, but I will not be tricked to bite it!

    Cuddle is good. No I’m not that hairy, it’s the rug … With all due respect to your beloved grandmother, may I ad some cheap industrial sprit – it may help to corrode the way for the healthy stuff?

    Nice idea MJ, but thank you, in the actual condition I like to have my bed by myself. Let’s see what I can do for you on next Monday.

    Good to hear that you are immune but actually I am contagious … will I be sent to the isolation station?
    Marzipan is Great!

  4. Recht hast Du, Leni Qinan. Sorry, I am curious, you mentioned a German teacher – what are you reading in German? All and everything from newspaper to experimenteller Prosa, Romane, wissenschaftliche Texte? Du you write in German too? And why do you learn this strange language? Questions abound – I am sorry, I do not intent to embarras you.

  5. Tom & Icy
    Poetic … I do not believe that there is a poet in me.
    Black and white pictures have a wide range of shades, one can do soo much in the dark room, the paper, the light, the essences one uses … today expensive mirror-cameras (SPiegelreflex) are thrown at one, even the larger formats (Mittelformat!) what once was bloody luxury. I absolutely like the old architecture pictures, I will try to post some examples. If that is done properly stone seems to be alive and warm.

    🙂 No I won’t come down with it in the next few days! I am glad that you make a sound and give a sign!

    Fat Sparrow
    Tcha, make the kid give notice: After the fifth beer he should post the bucket next to his bed! Or did he play with them armadillers again?

    Goooaaack! Cool new avatar, a long way from the bunny in bondage.
    Sherry. Sherry’s good in chicken soup! The poet awakes …

  6. Echinacea! If you gargle with it diluted in a little water and then swallow, it will ease your throat considerably and also act as a natural agent to help kill the cold germs. I swear by it for all sorts of ailments x

    Get Well Soon!

  7. Fat Sparrow
    Stop whining. Maybe the red was too cold?

    Joanna Cake
    Echinazin, yes, but I should have taken it earlier. Maybe a hot soup will do in the meantime.

    I suffer deeply in misery and all you have to say is “Turn the heating on!”.
    Here’s something about cake

  8. I once lost my sense of smell for three weeks. Given that at the time I was working with demented, incontinent people I didn’t mind not being able to smell at work, but the rest of the time I found it pretty inconvenient.

  9. MJ
    I did.

    Leni Q.
    My curiosity is acknowledged as “Berufskrankheit”.

    Face in a cloud
    I meet the demented incontinent everytime I board a bus round here … especially in the morning when they are transported to their institutions, called schools …

    “glug”? YOU say “glug”?!! *flabbergasted*
    Prost! 🙂

    Fat Sparrow
    I think you Californyans put all and everything into coolers … Sangria is made from industrial waste.
    I certainly do not have your spectrum of knowledge regarding oral experiences, but in my humble opinion Marzipan can be identified with the divine manna GOd in His friendlyness and grace had gently rained on His children while searching for the Holy Land – admittedly under the guidance of a marzipan junkie unable to read a map, but that is NOT important here.
    But it may be forgiven to you, the more subtle variations of cuisine may not have found their way to Callyfornica whose kitchen culture may consist mainly in the preparation of roadkill and hot red wine while waiting for “the big one” – that is when GOd will have enough with them marzipan blasphemers and will sent this peace of dusty desert into the sea where it belongs. Amen.
    Hmtja … not too bad for an ill man.

  10. I notice that you did not refute my claim that marzipan tastes like dried cum.

    That’s what happens when you create a religion, even a marzipan one; logic goes out the window.

    I’ll stick with my road kill cuisine or even pollo del arbol, we have guacamole made from fresh avocados, ha.

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