Alte Säcke

Have a nice start into this week.




12 thoughts on “Alte Säcke

  1. XL
    It’s a pleasure!

    It’s the last part of the Valentyne Suit, which originally was released on LP November 1969 – forty years!
    What we see here is from a reunion concert they played 1994, go here for details, it was recorded on 28th of October 1994 in the E-Werk in Cologne.

    That is what it is supposed to do!

  2. Scarlet
    Mit Haken und Ösen, hm? You’re on an “all out action” for the book, arn’t you? But I am afraid its too late, I voted for Manuel. Imagine me coming back and changing my vote, the Mistress fuming and probably investigating … could end totally different as imagined by you … no way Scarlett, the verdict is returned, fiat iustitia et pereat mundus. Don’t know why I have it with the Latin lately.

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