Snow, books, money

Looking at the snow and the seemingly dead fruit-trees I can see from here (mostly Pflaumenbäume, plums, but also cherry-, apple- and even pear-trees, which became rare I believe) my thoughts wandered to the bishop’s garden around the Residenz and finally to Prokop Mayer‘s three volume book Pomona Franconica (1776-1801) – I am sure that I mentioned it here before, but can not find where. The book was on display in an exhibition in the Residenz 2007, and after this event it was brought to Qatar, Sheik Saud al-Thani having bought it, among a lot of other things.
A Sheik is an elder, a head, as I understand from the wikipedia-article here, it is not a religiously based honour, but a strictly worldly grade.
A “Kalif” (Ger., Eng.) is the head of a caliphate, which is a theological based kind of state with the caliphs standing in a line directly leading to The Prophet. So their rule is based on the holy script, or on the closeness to The Prophet – if I understand it right.
The Emir is a high ranking sheik, a noble man, an emirate is based on the sword alone and not on a special binding to Mohamed, not on the Koran. “Emirate” should describe simply a form of worldly rule, similar to “Grafschaft” or “dukedom” (yes).
I am not into economics, but even I noticed that there were problems in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)  (read this, thank you A.)  and that the Burji Khalifa was renamed to honour the head of Qatar, who generously helped the leading responsibles in Dubai to avoid bankerott. But seriously, that is not what interests me.
While they built in Dubai the highest building of the world (why? – because it is possible! Yeah, THAT makes sense buddy!), in Doha, the capital of Qatar, one of the most interesting projects ever, is going on: The Museum of Islamic Art (here). One of the last projects of I.M.Pei, stuffed with anything the above mentioned sheik could lay his hands on in the last years: It must be THE treasure chamber of the 21st century.

I only wunder, how good their library is. 
I mean, there is always the Alexandrina

And the Sheik of Araby … where’s my Oud ?

Would someone be so gentle and let rain money on me so that I can go visit these places?


11 thoughts on “Snow, books, money

  1. XL
    That’s sad news.

    Where have you been? How’s Ben? Did you write your CEO’s blog? Questions abound.
    Maybe I find a sledge in the cellar … that’s the only possibility to avert the building snow-bority.

    I’m running out of Mueller-Thurgaun now. Ach, ach and ach again …

  2. Ben is sill peeing blood and instead of yesslow snow I have red…

    I wrote my CEO’s blog and had the most comments than any other post in the year…hoorah!

    I will post soon; I have been researching my ancestry too much at the moment!

  3. Poor Ben. I am sorry.
    Red snow? You ever saw “Fargo”? It’s sometimes astounding what pictures are stuck in the head and stay in the memory. the “Fargo”-shredder definitely …
    Anchestry research? And what did you find? Sorry – I know that I am too damn curious. But you know that I am doing such researches. What tools / sourcces did you use?

  4. Leni Q
    No, just went to the local mosque some years ago. I would very much like to travel around the Mediterranean following the traces of Ludwig Salvator.

    That’s a nice invitation! Norwich, aha …

    Ahem, interesting. I hope the book will have no stains when you’ll receive it!

    Thank you Z, as long as it does not come in one massive slam right between my eyes but in nice freshly minted coins … Goldmarie, Goldmarie und Pechmarie …

    Fat Sparrow

    Maybe you can have a look at it. And yes, I would very much like to read about your research!

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