So I will not move to this small nice town on the idyllic country side. I will not have an office in the old but expensively modernized and very well restored town hall. I will not be in charge for the historical archive containing nearly twenty original charters reaching back to the high Middle Ages. I will not work as redacteur for the volume of the town-history to be edited in occasion for the twelvehundredth anniversary of the town being named in a list of places someone gave to someone or whatever the reason was the godforsaken name got written down. No, I will not live in a cheap but extraordinary large four room appartement in the quiet center of the historic district where no cars are allowed and everything is to be reached by foot within ten minutes’ distance. I realized this when I pulled the large brown envelope from my mailbox. They sent my papers back because I was on the short list and had had an interview. I thought it went well. The city council deceided in favor of another person.
I rearranged some furniture here. Took care of my adressbook. Even cleaned my desk (!). Read newspapers, again. Procrastinating, have to meet a deadline in four weeks, a kind of archival research, I know how to start and what steps have to be taken, from a certain point onwards the results define the further direction of the research; besides that here on my desk sits a large heap of related materials that needs to be worked through, sorted, listed; very first step should be a search for literature in a small and specialized bibliography, part of the library here and only here, I can do this from my desk. I know that I have to start now and that there is no more space for delays …

You know Staropramen?

Comes from Prague.
Tastes good.

And a postscriptum:





19 thoughts on “Hummin’

  1. Leah
    Absorbing, hmm yes these tiny golden showers … seriously: Researching IS absorbing – I just have to START!

    Arsch Hoch, Zäng Auseinander! (That is by BAB, a German rock group, 100 years on the road, soundtrack of the eighties when some “Bürger Initiativen” morphed into the “Green Party” thirty years ago … today the head-honchos did not attend the party, because they all had other dates with the industry … ah yes, I should post about them pigs, but actually I’d risk some notifications of complaint … )
    Yes, I will do!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. Rejection sucks ass.

    I can offer you a position (which position do you prefer?) sorting through and scanning all my family genealogy papers, letters, photos, and documents. I can pay about… hold on, let me look in my wallet… $17.84. You need to be able to read French, and decipher lots of old-fashioned handwriting. I have a couch in my parents’ house in the middle of nowhere and the air smells like cow shit. Now, before you say “No,” wait, there’s more! You also get to put up with my crazy family.

    I knew you couldn’t turn it down.

  3. Sparrow
    This would equal 12,37 Euro. For a tenner I could get a flight to L.A. I have no problems with the handwritings, I can read French, and I really like cows. They are friendly animals, its always warm in the cowshed and they smell funny. I am sure that your family is as charming, delightful and enjoyable as you are!
    (Bonus points?)

    Concise as always. But I already left the place. 🙂

    In earlier times it was “der blaue Brief”, the blue letter – official institutions used the cheapest envelopes and for a long time they were blue(ish). Older people still know the expression “den blauen Brief bekommen” / to get the blue letter for receiving an unwelcome news.

  4. KAZ
    Thank YOu! 🙂

    Leni Q.
    Sunday Sounds will follow suite …

    I imagined it. Heaven knows what it would have been like.

    Es kommt was Anderes.

    Sunday’s not over yet …

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