Sunday Music

Sunday Sound – no more

By popular request – enjoy! Found this video at Faycin A Crowd‘s site.

Until this early morning (Monday, 18. January) here was a youtube-video featuring the “Blues Magoos”‘ “Gotta get away” with materials from Keaton’s films. I have no idea why it was disabled, the German text says “violations of rights”, but I do not know whose rights regarding what were violated in which form. Sorry, Roses, sorry readers.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sound – no more

  1. XL
    Ha – good!

    I hope it will. Have to work myself down a list …

    What a delight to see you here again! I hope you and all yours are well and safe.

    Sh, don’t squeal so loud, what will the neighbours think?!

    You could go to FAycin and see whether it works there.

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