Catch Prager

Time for a new catch of the week. Another photographer, Alex Prager. She actually has an exhibition in L.A. –  enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Catch Prager

  1. Fantastic. I love the retro feel.

    I’d like to go see the exhibition this weekend, want to come?

    Oh yeah, I don’t have 2 cents to rub together…they took away my private jet. Damn.

  2. De nada, XL.

    I will look for Mr. Crewdson, Leah. Is this an artificial name – crude son? Sixties seem to be en vogue.

    Let’s just go to L.A. Roses and have a look. And do not be sad, it’s just a tin can with an engine.

  3. Austere – yes: Drama! These ladies all look as if they just fired a major gun at some one or some thing.

    MJ – feed? It’s early in the morning and you need that Kaffe intravenös 🙂

  4. Crewdson had an exhibition in Hannover 2005 and various other shows, in the Hasselblad centre too – list here, and there.

    I like the Hasselblad, and of course the Leica. Today I was windowshopping in the city and looked at used analogue “Spiegelreflexkameras” (eng.), which are sold in a well sorted photographic shop for well under 100 Euro – machines one would have to pay more than 1.000 or double some years ago. It is possible to buy a good mechanical slr-camera with a set of lenses for arcitecture and landscape for well under 200 Euro! Even Mittelformat should be possible. I would not want too much electronics with it.
    Man, a Leica …

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