Back in the tredmill

Spending my nights sitting and staring … chained to the desk trying to decipher what the man wrote on the 10th of February 1656. Four folia, obviously paper; somehow bound together, I could swear there are some kind of scotch-tape; stained a little, what do you expect after 350 years? The right side later cut, that’s what crumbles first. I received a xerocopy, well they don’t make a fuss there on the countryside – We have a copy machine to use it, Joe! -, the small book is in remarkably good shape. Really hope that it is no tape (these rotten softeners even destroy the surface of coins!) and that they store it in an acceptable way.
The village gave itself a kind of order regarding some communal tasks. Transcription and further archive work. I am a lazy sod, should have started with this at least one week earlier. Procrastination sounds crispy somehow, nice word. For my excuses, the nasty cough returned, saw my doctor yesterday. He prescribed me some tetracyclical (a cycle with four corners?) anitbioticum in combination with aetherical oils – the pill looks like a green suppository, must be taken with a glas of cold (!) water; ten minutes after Iย  swallow one I feel the taste of Latschenkiefer (mountain pine?) in my mouth, like a good swig of Franzbranntwein, its what you rub on horses.
Slowly but steadily I start working again. I enjoy it. A day can be more than four hours of light and 12 hours of darkness – there are *gasp!* real people! Even … humans!

An ex-coworker wrote me an e-mail asking by the way whether I’d miss the job. I can answer this with an hearty “NO”! I still have trouble with the rhythm of wake and sleep, and sometimes I would very much like to have a cigarette. But it will bounce back, and fade.
I have to scrape myself together and go on doing what I can, what I learned, because I like it: Reading, writing, researching. There is no way back into this tredmill.


8 thoughts on “Back in the tredmill

  1. Hello my darling.

    Did you give up smoking when you gave up the job? If so, don’t badger me for smokes, I’m not going to be the cause of your downfall.

    Procrastination is an art-form. It enables you to do the things that are less important than the task you need to do, but wouldn’t do if you didn’t have the task in the first place.

    Many hugs my dear. Good to hear you’re coming back to yourself.

  2. Tom and Icy
    He put a lot of effort in his work, with the first lines of each paragraph in larger writing, small capitals; generally he has a clear handwriting. Of course a professional. I think he must have liked it.

    I quite smoke on the first of January 1999. Sometimes last year I had a cigar … I do not smoke anymore since the start of this year, I just wonder that it bite me now and then, but it’s over.
    Yes, procrastination makes me do things … my plants are watered, the dishes are clean, clothes are kind a sorted … incredible!

    No, je ne regret rien, mon petite chouchou …
    Desinfecting and refreshing – it helps!

  3. 1656!
    O boy.

    But then I get awed very easily. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Did you read about the historian who put together a recipe book of Mughal cooking?

    Tetracycline in this day and age! Interesting.

  4. I am sorry, did not hear about it. I found this … somewhere I read about “silky sauces”, and I am lost: Sauce is a fine art, the German expression would be “sรคhmig”, but I guess it is understood only in the South, and in the old Austrian-Boehmian countries where it was invented.
    I had some very profound desasters with sauces, but today I have developed a kind of practical routine. I can feed people and they survive, besides I tend to create it a little too spicy and hot for many, there are so many wounderful tastes to be discovered. I really miss salats now, fresh green salads … it is simply great when one can go out in the garden and collect spices and herbs and have it with lettuce … I want a garden!
    Do not be too impressed with the things I have to read, what are 350 years for India? See …
    What do you mean about the tetracycline? Is it still in stock from 1950? I have absolutely no idea what it basically is, but I feel better, no more stone sitting in my chest ๐Ÿ™‚

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