Siberian Icefields

I thought it would be a good idea to go to the library. Originally I wanted to go yesterday, but … So after another day mostly spent inside I choose to walk. In the middle of today’s expedition I realized that the damn Eastern wind simply drilled into my ears, ignoring scarf and woollen cap. I collected my books and the lady at the counter handed me some translucent plastic bags – A little bit heavy, Mr. Mago? – All for science, Ms. Hackadecker!
Next time someone please remind me of the gloves. Intelligence has a name, obviously it is not mago.


26 thoughts on “Siberian Icefields

  1. Your weather sounds just like mine at the moment.
    I also went to the library today and forgot the card. I need one of those woolly bobble hats with matching ears and gloves attached.

  2. Glad your fingers survived, you need to be able to pound a keyboard!

    Welcome to my world… I make a list, a very detailed list, of what I was supposed to do for the day, I then leave the list sitting at home and drive off to a store miles away and forget what I was there for and what else I was supposed to do for the rest of the errands. I just take the Spouse Sparrow along everywhere with me now, he’s my comfort blankie and extra brain all in one.

  3. Dear Mago,
    Perhaps you cold suggest that the library commence a delivery service in inclemment weather.
    I do hope that things have thawed out for you now that you are back in your cozy home.

  4. Dear Proncess,

    homedelivery? No way. They have to save any penny that is left – and there are only few of them left, because the gouvernement in all its wisdom deceided to cut the library etats … What means for example that most jobs now are done by students on a contract basis. The positions of the employees who go because of age are filled with student jobbers. On the academic level are not too many real librarians left.
    Yes, thank you, all thawed up!

  5. Mrs. Boxer
    Yep, they are still there – and florishing! Mostly because of the campus licenses of electronical magazines and databases: You can read many magazines online and can research them etc., but you have to use a somputer on the campus or in the library, that is part of the local uni-net. And besides that you just go to the next etage and find all the necessary lexica and encyclopeias and some more you did not think of.
    Yes, the wind is bad. I do not wear Klitschkos when I go out, but very practical grey leather gloves filled with lambskin – IF I find them. Must have grown some legs …

  6. MJ – Definitely! Together with my woollen cap I’d look even more zombyish!

    Amanda – Normally I take some pride in beeing terribly practical and economical, not forgetting things, squeezing all in etc. “zerstreuter Professor” seemingly is only an aquiered habitus, and a cheap excuse for being lazy, and stubborn.

    KAZ – Wounderful! Has something of an Asian hat … It’s made in Brookelyn – is it Leah’s hidden business?

    Ethereal Highway – Thank you – its all thawed and I even mopped the floors!

  7. Finding a hat that doesn’t look silly is my annual winter quest.

    Currently, I’m sporting a hat that looks like a squid plonked itself on my head. I might look silly, but it keeps my ears toasty warm.

    I keep my gloves in my coat pocket.

    Hope you’re lovely and warm again. It’s snowed here again.

    I’m bored with Winter now.

  8. Austere – Sun? Shine? You speak in riddles. I know some myths of the ancestors where they speak about something they call “sun”, a big light in the sky, but its a legend.

    Roses – A squid plonked on your head? How awful. It started to thaw and a part of my balcony was free from snow, but now it all becomes blanketed out again. Still four to six weeks to go …

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