A little disturbing …

I just wandered through some newspapers this afternoon. The Sueddeutsche Zeitung, as most other titels today, has a photo-section (one of the best and lively is the photo-community of the magazine Stern), and here I found this set of pictures by Taryn Simon. The text is German only, sorry. Examples of her new work “An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar” can be seen on her site, scroll down to “PHOTOGRAPHS“. I will order her book through the library, it is definitely worth to be looked at. Her site is the new catch. Enjoy, sort of.
By the way, Mrs. Simon is cited in the German text with admitting to having serious sleeping problems. She uses with good success a kind of small buzzer that produces white noise.


7 thoughts on “A little disturbing …

  1. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

    I was stunned by the diversity of the images and the way Mrs Simon pulls them all together into a cohesive whole, to show a different side to American culture. No less disturbing than Jerry Springer, but more real somehow.

  2. Roses
    I have to confess that I do not know who Jerry Springer is. I looked vaguely on google and he is or was a “talk-show”-host, and there was a musical, seemingly a variation of the pact with the devil or such. The “talk show” seems to be pure trash where people are encouraged to behave like arses. I think it is exactly one of the “shows” – there must be a better name for it – which are the reason for me not having a tv. Public humiliation just for fun.

    Her work reminds me of Diane Arbus. Both have the ability to find sur-real images within most detailed and real reality.

  3. what an interesting and talented photographer, Great catch Mago,
    Her informational blurbs provide background and food for thought, this combined with the image really got me thinking.
    That is not something that I usually do this early in the day, Thaynkyou

    Hi Roses, Hi Xl,

  4. Leni Q
    This terrible chair is. White noise is static, blanks out all. I hate it.

    Is the emphasis on “little” or on “disturbing”?

    Definitely. The naked old ramblers are simply humans – and thus understandable. Simons shows what humans do, create, anrichten … cool, clinical, distant. The old wankers on your site are not in a kryonic device.

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