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Boxer – Ms. Boxer that is! – shared  some very nice memories here; her remembrance was triggered by XL’s collection of filmscenes here, which was an answer to a meme by Scarlet. I found on youtube some scenes I remember.

I very much like Robert Mitchum. Laughton‘s “Night of the hunter” (filmsite review) is a masterpiece. On youtube you can find, among others, the boat-scene with the children, which probably is very triggering.
The short one shown here gives you an idea about the character of the preacher, Harry Powell. An evil person.



And there is Point Blank. Lee Marvin. I was in doubt whether I should post the short or the longer version, but deceided for the longer one. One better steps out of Walker’s way.



To end on a lighter note, another race: The great Jacques Tatischeff, Jour de fete, 1949. Tati’s films always were friendly, gentle. I think these are important qualities.



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  1. Heyyyyy!!! E X C E L L E N T choices. Night of the Hunter creeped the scnhizz out of me as a kid. I think it’s when I started believing Preacher-Men were bad. Robert Mitchum was amazing in this role and I hadn’t thought about this movie in a very long time. Thanks.

    I’ve never heard of Point Blank and I’ve said many times that movies made in 1967-1969 were odd… this one is very stylized and I’m going to watch it.

    your last pick? New to me too but I agree with friendly and gentle. Despite my Avatar….and, er, that’s Ms. Boxer! ;-)

  2. Sorry, it’s corrected.
    “Chiiildren …” uha … yeah, he is mad.
    They made some pretty tough crime pictures in the sixties. One of my all time favorites is “The French Connection”, the scene when them criminals come over the bridge, cops have blocked the road and a very nasty Mr. Doyle stands there.

    Tatischeff made few films, only five or six long films, and some shorts. “Mon oncle” is very nice.
    Have out a nice little scene here. MAke sure that your sound is working, it’s important.

  3. Hi Mago. I tagged along with Boxer to get to your blog and am participating in he MEME. I have to admit that I’ve never seen any of these movies. But Robert Mitchum and Lee Marvin are both real men’s men (I think you can pluralize that) and I like them both as actors. And the last film, that is one well-balanced bike.

  4. Leni Q
    Blame it on the Hulots!

    No Saints involved, sorry. :)

    Buzz Kill
    Hello and welcome Mr. Kill, thank you for your first comment here. I have to confess that I have no idea about the Arizona-film you have on your site. I will inform myself.

    Thank You. Where’s Scarlet? She started this.

  5. I have to look what other victims she played. Here she’s a kind of lady in the lake, sitting in that car … It’s a kind of salvation when Lilian Gish finally shoots the bastard.

  6. Dear Mago,
    The loveley Miss Scarlet is possibly sitting back giggling about all the work that we have all been doing thanks to her initiating this meme several weeks ago.

    thakyou for sharing your memories

  7. Dear Princess – I found her giggling comment in the next post :)

    If I remember it right, putting together the sound for “Mon Oncle” took even longer than the actual shooting of the picture. His daughter also made films.

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