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“Musicals” the Boxer saied. From all things … musicals.
I am not into musicals. “Musical” brings back memories of rainy Sunday afternoons watching strange singing people on the b/w tv, girls in rows throwing legs, all a bit military “style”. A plot nobody understood, the whole thing badly synchronized. I am no friend of opera or operetta, especially the Vienna humbtatta makes me cringe and wince,  I am simply spoiled for this.
But there is “Tommy“.
Tommy becomes deaf, blind and dumb. Several cures are tried (Acid Queen) by his desparate parents, even a miracle-healing. The healing is in himself, he has to brake the mirror.
That is the general storyline, some changes were made from the original album (1969), to the film (1975) and the musical of 1993 (link above).
In the “Church of Marilyn” people gather and hope for a miracle. Reverend Eric tells what has to be told … she gives “Eyesight to the Blind”!
Or not.



There‘s a later version, no ScaMarilyn included.

19 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. I’m not one much for musicals myself. I still like “Lady and the Tramp” the animated Disney classic. I hate the Nutcracker though. Is that wrong?

    I feel like there is an unspoken social obligation to like the Nutcracker, but maybe that’s just what the Pacific NW Ballet company wants me to believe with there commercial assaults every Christmas.

    fyi, I put up a small post…eight weeks.

  2. Perfect! I am ashamed to admit, I’ve never seen TOMMY, but after this clip it moves to the top of my list. I actually like the type of muscial you described not liking, but I also agree there are other musicals (Jesus Christ Superstar, Rocky Horror) that are still muscials and not so “formula”.

    Would you mind coming back over to post your movie title.

    Thanks for playing. I have to say this is pretty ding-dang fabulous. And I think you’ll be surprised by my entry.

  3. K9 says:

    i wanted to post the one with keith moon as uncle earnie but couldnt find it. to me, this is a terrifying commentary on religion and the visuals are as haunting as the rest of the film. ann margarets descent from fresh innocent war widow to the dragon lady dressed in cheetah fur and red nails is one of the most disturbing slides in all of cinema.

    great choice. Happy MCW!

  4. One of my favorite movies. My brother and I were senior members of the Elton John Fan Club (Hey, kids! give us your best Bennie and the Jets!) and we BEGGED our father to take us to this. What did he know from inappropriate :o)? My mother about divorced him over it.

  5. Savannah
    I saw it, das hat Klasse!

    Hello and welcome, thank you for your first comment here.
    Gigi. Elegant.

    Hello and welcome. Thank you for your comment.
    I have to confess that I never had heared of your pick.

    And a friendly welcome to you. I would not call Full Metal Jacket a musical, but yes, the use of music is interesting. I am sorry, I have no idea what you talk about. Bowling?

  6. Good afternoon Mago,

    Interesting clip. I had the album, heck I wore it out. But I never saw the movie. After seeing this I’m glad I didn’t pay for the movie. For some reason, I find it disturbing.

  7. well, I got to see the IRT (Indy Repertory Theater version) (a traveling show?) and it was OK.
    The clip with Clapton seemed a bit reserved for Clapton..it was OK.
    But you put in the link to Townsend, and even though it looked like he had a couple of years under his belt, it ROCKED!
    I still have my record album in the closet of redundant electronic items, and got it out.

    Now if I could just find the record player….

  8. Karl
    Hello and welcome.I saw you commenting over at boxer’s sometimes.

    My dear, sorry to hear that you have to work a lot, in that dubious society you are in 🙂

    Welcome, and thank you for your first comment here.
    Townshend is born 1945, so when he did some gigs with the “Deep End” he was 40. On youtube you can find a version he did together with Tadj Mahal, sometimes in 1990s, but I found the older one the better one.
    Redundant? I do not think so. Vinyl LPs will still be around when cds will be rotten away and a giant magnetic burp of the sun will have blanked out all these mp3s.

    Five first commenters on one day, remarkable.

  9. Hello Mr. Kill, doesn’t listening to Elton John add to the slight feeling of insecurity you menioned on your blog lately? 🙂

    Dorothy, then it must have made a really lasting impression on you.

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