Der Nöck

I am tired and a bit melancholic. The Duden Lexicon of Foreign Words explains it as “Melancholie, die; Schwermut, Trübsinn”, what I find in my dictionary translated with “gloom, doldrums”, also an interesting sounding and to me unknown word – “megrim” – is listed.
The 1963 Fremdwörterlexikon explains melancholia (Ger., Eng.) as “vorübergehende oder dauernde Herabgestimmtheit des Lebensgefühls”, how would you translate this? A down-toned attitude towards life? Toned in shades of bluishgrey?
It is difficult to motivate myself these days. I have to write and research, literature has to be analysed, and of course ten useless books create an eleventh useless one – here no book, but a kind of essay or evaluation. I am over time. And I did not receive the promised advance payment, it was my customer’s idea and I happily agreed, but there is always the bureaucracy.
I am no friend of February, I have no good recollections of this month. It is an “in between”, undecided, still winter not yet spring.

Spring has another light, the air becomes clear. The sky is of a special and unique blue, in sharp contrast to the pure white clouds, they hurt the eyes. Large puddles of water stand in meadows; small streams, becks?, are filled with cold water and step out, over their boundaries, over night they become strong and dangerous, luring, glittering, tempting and inviting; water is not silent, it creates its own silence by small sounds, dripping and gurgling, a distant rush; clear and cold it streams, no place to sit, avoid wet trousers, they become heavy. The stream, it is a being of its own right, to be respected.Now and then it demands a sacrifice.
In March, not yet. Now its dirty grey heaps of snow rotting away in the streets; cold wind; and everybody wants it to be over.

At least some heart warming music.




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  1. i had to look it up, too, sugar! megrim(s) is an archaic noun and means depression or low spirits.

    but then you find a second meaning: a whim or fancy.

    and then, a third meaning: old fashioned term for migraines!

    the first and its opposite 2nd meaning certainly equal the third to my mind! xoxoxoxo

    (ok a little joke, the meanings are true, but it made me snicker as i read it!)

    (i think we’re all suffering from megrims right now!)

  2. “Low spirits” on one hand, “whim, fancy” on the other – a grim joke maybe, a determined “against”, a happy “It takes two, fate!”

    I hope so, Savannah.

    Yep, The Megrims are around!

  3. I often don’t mind feeling blue – I believe there’s a reason (unless it goes on too long.) When I’m blue, I’m quiet, take naps, push my thoughts into hard places and then (as with all things) it passes.

    “Now its dirty grey heaps of snow rotting away in the streets; cold wind; and everybody wants it to be over.”

    Where I live it’s rain and darkness for 7-8 months of the year, but I think I could take that over cold rotting snow.

    Love the song. I had no idea it was so old.

  4. I loved reading your description. We only have 2 seasons here, really, the dry season and the “wet” season (it’s not really actually all that wet, it’s just a bit of rain, enough to make the grass grow on the brown hills) so it still amazes me to read about places that have actual winter.

    As a native Southern Californian, growing up in what is essentially an irrigated desert, I longed to feel connected to the land by being able to follow the seasons. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that there were people who would gladly trade places with me. Life is strange.

    WV is “sultuous.” I imagine that to be like “sumptuous,” but with a hint of “sultry” thrown in.

  5. I’m definitely with you on that, feeling quite fed up of Winter. February is indeed a horrible month.

    March will bring the spring flowers, the longer days and hopefully, some less grim weather.

    Loved Blue Moon.

  6. And in Pakistan- the country I do not name but call “our neighbors to the west”– the police arrested 1000 people so they would not fly kites on March 6 to celebrate Basant, the festival of spring

  7. Melancholy is one of my favourite words even when I’m feeling melancholy.
    We had about 2 hours of ‘unique blue’ last Sunday.
    I thought it was early spring – but it’s now back to snow and sleet.

  8. I had a friend once whose dog would eat watermelons. Yes…it was a collie.
    Good dog, too.
    That’s what she called him…Meloncollie.
    Would eat the seeds and all.
    Every Summer we’de see stray watermelon plants pop up.

    Not that it would help your gloom, but, perhaps your own “meloncollie” will place some good seed in your soul and this Summer, you, too, will have a new plant.

  9. Mago, First thanks for the music. Second can you find light bulbs that are full spectrum? They might give you better light and they can help with seasonal depression. That gray does get to us all and when you can have snow in May and it started in September YUK! Around here,doctors suggest them. A big hug for you and though we tend to feel it will never come it does.

  10. Leni
    Thank you, I did. Mostly.

    Pushing thoughts into hard places – this sounds terrible tough. I am afraid I have to admit that I am not a hard man. So its napping.

    Fat Sparrow
    At the place where you are bount to go to, is there snow to be expected?

    All prepared for the big event?

    Torching heat … Why does the western neighbour not like kites? I do not understand this.
    Around here flying kites is traditionally a joy of autumn.

    Snow and sleet no more, it is thawing out comes dirty old grass and dark earth. We are expected to have 8° Celsius in the coming days!

    First poop out and then pop up: The circle of life.

    Mr. Sony does not allow me to see it.

    A friend used this and was feeling better. I came through winter fairly good, its this empty February. I will spent the coming days at my desk.

  11. At the place where we’re moving to, they get a light dusting of snow occasionally in the depths of winter.

    Of course, to put this in to perspective… as a native Southern Californian, I am still amazed every time it rains here. It’s like a miracle.

  12. February is almost over already!!!

    “No Friend Of February” would make an awesome title for a poem or novel.

    The Winter doldrums have been tempered in the centre of Canada by unseasonably warm temperatures…like the warmest winter in 3.5 billion years…fabulous 🙂

  13. Fata Sparrowa
    A light dusting … I thought they have avalanches there.

    Feb was a bitch. I realized it when she came in my bureau …

    Thank you, Lgs – and to You and everybody on this piece of rock.

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