New Head, Please

I feel bad. Like after a week long pub crawl, with a bubbly thing instead of a head and shaking hands. This morning I could have sworn to have the taste of cigarettes in my throat and mouth. Unnecessary to tell that I do not smoke anymore since January first this year and that I had some wine sometimes in the last week. I am tired and have difficulties to concentrate, what is a real drag because I need to work. Yesterday went well, I was the whole afternoon in the library and sifted through literature for my monastery-sheep, it’s really interesting what people wrote.
Is this an early case of the dreaded Frühjahrsmüdigkeit? The flat cake in the mirror bears a distant resemblance with the delicateliy chiselled features of my divine face, but these dark tear sacs, the matt lustreless glance, the hair, the crinkles … I did not have my Trill Jod-S 11 Körnchen, or better a handfull of Merz Special? In the old days a bottle of Rotbäckchen would have done, or the Melissengeist grandma liked so much, 79% would help me too with a more relaxed understanding of life, world and everything.
Maybe I simply go for a walk.

10 thoughts on “New Head, Please

  1. But it tastes different and has more kahumpf: It has 79 kamupf while vodka sold legally here is somehwere in the forties, that’s why the vodka is for the kiddies.

  2. “… these dark tear sacs, the matt lustreless glance, the hair, the crinkles …” – you call it midlife crisis. They say, between 40 and 50 it’s worst, past 50 it will be better. Maybe a walk would really help.

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