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Writing applications for employments includes receiving negative answers. That is part of it and nothing to worry about or to get angry. There is simply another person who fits better into saied position, who is better qualified, in general or in a very specific competence. By now I can distinguish those job advertisements, which are only formaly published (because its all already saied and arranged), from those really offering a chance.  Especially in the geographical area where I know the people involved, and the institutions. There is always the possibility to ask someone, who knows someone who could give a realistic evaluation, because she or he is in some way involved. Today this is described with the nice word “network(ing)”. The step to shady deals is not big, but I honestly did not do this, otherwise I would sit in a warm bureau on a full position – and in somebody’s cul, ready to serve.
Last year I was softly pulling a string because a job was offered I would have given a lot to enter. A kind of consultant or assistant in an institute that is loosely connected with an university, stately funded, situated in a kind of bureaucratic nirvana where  in the end you can do whatever you want; it has to deal with the East of Europe. They gave the application back because the job posting had to be repeated – I did not know at this time, why. The second advertisement was formulated more open, with less concise demands or requirements, I happily sent in my papers. I was turned down of course. Because one of the head honchos had the position reserved for his girl friend, her qualifications were not sufficient for the first round so the standard had to be lowered. “Big tits rule” as a friend, who knows the whole bunch, told me later, after my enquiery.
But things have changed now. Mr. Headhoncho all of a sudden accepted another professorship and will switch (defect?)  to another town; of course he will find another position for his gal in the new institute; he will be succeeded by the current number two in the pecking order as head of the institute. What means that there will be three positions filled with new people: Number two will become the new number one, director; his actual position as  executive or however its called will be filled with another one from the middle ranks – one happy “Referent” will be promoted, picked by the new number one of course. The lower “assistants” will also see one moving up and the girl friend will follow  her toyboy to the Danube: So they will need two new assistants. Maybe I will sent in the same letter as last year … ?
They still pay terribly well, it is an interesting job addressing a variety of topics, and it touches the history of my own family, my father’s side. My age is a problem as I heared sub rosa, but I think I could turn it into an advantage: I am not too impressed too fast; I have some ideas about how things should work and exact ideas about how they should not be done; I have an interest to stay and put the benefit of the institution over personal achievements. Next week, when the sheep-village-monastery-project finally will have reached its end, I will seriously think about it.

The title of this post is easily explained: Today’s letter of rejection was addressed to Mrs. Mago.


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  1. i wondered if i’d missed something, sugar! ;~) i’ve been a subscriber to the economist for many years and they still send it to MR. savannah! *shrug* i’ve given up trying to correct them. xoxoxoxo

  2. Mrs. Mago-My first thought -Doesn’t he have enough trouble. My second thought- He wants to be taken care of. My third thought-He is just trying to get everyone to read his blog. So I read on and saw that it is the same all over the world when someone is looking for a job. God I am glad I am retired!
    Your age should be no problem. Send that letter back in maybe someone with a brain will read it and know you are the one.

  3. Dear Mrs Mago,

    In response to your recent application, unfortunately none of us here at the institution, could see your foresight nor understand the potential and possibilities in your responses to the key selection criteria or, the impact that this might have on our cozy little clique.

    A Woman of your extensive Experience, Knowledge and Expertise would, we decided, certainly pose an insurmounatable threat to our persistent efforts in maintaining the status quo, and, interrupt the stringent following our policy of nepotisim and self serving career advancement.

    We wish you luck in your future endeavours.

    Should you wish to re apply for a future position with us at this cesspool of inequity, might we suggest twittering us your application, or, offering to sleep with the head of department!

    Thankyou for your intrest in this position.


    Department Of Arseholes.

    *removing tongue from cheek*

    We tend to live within an ever increasingly ageist work environment. And it seems to be happening globally.
    Personally I was victim to this process and at the time was only in my early 40’s. I was Bullied out of my chosen employ (a 20 yr career) for not wishing to go along with the status quo. Trying to make people take resposibility and accounability for their actions. Unfortunately to no avail.

    I sincerely wish you the very best of luck Dear Mago in hunting suitable employ… XXX

  4. Meh, and “meh” again to them, and maybe a “pleh,” thrown in, too, the bastards. Your age should be an asset, not a liability, it means you’ve experienced more history than the other candidates.

    But maybe next time you should get your tits out, or lick your lips, or something.

    Oh, and if you do? YouTube it.

  5. Z says:

    Let us hope that the new director is more honest than the last one. And happily married, perhaps.

    I have sometimes given a job to an internal candidate (for a non-teaching job in school) because it often happens that people who apply for jobs exaggerate their abilities and, when given a practical test, just don’t come up to scratch. I’m always uncomfortably aware that it could be thought to have been a foregone conclusion by the other candidates, but it isn’t.

    Obviously, this would not be the case with you. Best wishes with your application.

  6. Meister
    No injury. A bit of an insult, yes.

    Leni Q.
    I think that big tits and small brains rule anywhere.

    🙂 I will send my application in.

    🙂 Thank you for all the crossing!

    YOu bet!

    That part with the responsibility and accountability – there is the rub.

    My name (Vorname) is absolutely not open to interpretation, its clearly attributed to a male person. The family name is not German.

    Fat Sparrow
    No way, never will there be a youtube featturing myself!

    I guess there is nothing wrong when inside an organisation a position is given to a suitable and trusted person, one not always need someone from outside – as long as there is no fake announcement “just to follow the rules”, that’s mockery. I put a lot of effort in the applications and work on them individually for the job in question, I do not apply out of a whim and just for fun. But first its sheep … bööööh …

    Darling buttercup!

  7. I hate nepotism or networking whatever the name.
    Some years ago Manchester put in a complex procedure for avoiding it – but people eventually found ways to get round it.
    I wish you all the best in your search.

  8. KAZ
    There are rules in the public administrations or stately bodies I have to deal with – and these rules are just pffff – they are not ignored, no no, but followed to the last detail, and in some cases you already know who will get the job when you read the printed ad in the newspaper – a giant waste of time and effort, and more serious: A giant dis-honesty, a large scale fake. This un-truth makes me angry.

  9. I don’t/won’t network. I won’t/don’t take clients out to lunch, bribe them with fancy tickets to events, etc. Maybe I would have a bigger company if I did these things, but it’s not me.

    I knew EXACTLY where your potential job was going the minute I read they needed to repost the job. Boo. Happens all the time. It’s not what you know, but WHO you know and that’s only good when you know a lot of people. Maybe that’s why networking is so important?

    Anywayyyyyy – re apply. At this point in my life, I prefer to higher people over 40. Know why? They appreciate working, they don’t call to say they’re hungover or had a fight with their mate.

    Good luck.

  10. All the best, Mago.

    What idiots these people are.

    You reminded me of the days I was trying to get admitted to MBA school in Bby, and could not make it coz I knew no one…

  11. LGS
    Ha! And I feel not the least guilty! Maybe I can stuff my shirt next time.

    Exactly: Who one knows is important. Of course I’ll re-apply.
    I guess from 35 onwards the hungovers are not visible anymore …

    I have to confess that I have no idea whether such regulations exist here.
    But even if they do, it is in the area of cultural history in the widest sense, so it is the easiest task to find a reason to turn an application down.

    Exactly! I wish all in the world would work “The Knudsen Way”!
    Life would be so much easier then!

    Yes – Like the boxer saied – its who you know.
    I am glad that you commented here and must excuse myself for not doing the same on your blog, strange times these days – this spring is really bizarre.

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