Sunday Music

Sunday Music

This grey, wet and cold Sunday needs some pep.



And because it even starts to rain now …





11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. KAZ
    Sunny Manchester – the riviera of the North! 🙂 She’s a cute one!

    Easy like Sundaqy morning … 🙂

    15 Fahrenheit is below freezing, roughly minus 10° Celsius: You must dance, Joyce!

    My ladies, I saw my blog on another computer and there were advertisements while the youtubes started – to my surprise!
    I do not have or receive ads, I do not see them: I use firefox with ad-surpressing on and additionally adblocksplus: So I am sorry if you get annoying advertisements, but as a matter of fact these simply come not onto my screen. I just wanted to say this. Here. On this blog. yes.

  2. XL
    Sunburnt Texas … rain itself is a nice and pleasant thing. But I looked out and saw a muddy way with puddles and around the wineyards on the hills … all cold wet earth with grey sky above *shiver* oh Gladys …

    Scarlet Blue
    That is very nice to have you back on your stomping grounds!

    Another day of gardening?

    Good that you see no advertisements. I mentioned it because I was very surprised about them.
    Merry England! I want spring too.

  3. Roses
    No more sheep, Roses. Last works and then the project is done, just one more time to the archives here. You will fly out soon, end of this week?

    “Wweeeeeee” … 🙂

    Leni Q.
    The bauers of mago … 🙂

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