Movie Clip Wednesday

“Favorite animation” the boxer said.
There are some animations I like. For example “la linea” (Ger., Eng.) for it’s striking simplicity; everything Wallace and Gromit by Nick Park; the inescapables from the sixties like Wile E. Coyote, whom I liked best because he never gave up. Here the cheap, phantastic and touching Japanese monster flics must be mentioned, Godzilla marching over the model railroad is so cool! The atomic subtext can’t be missed.
But one lady deserves special reference and reverence, Lotte Reiniger (Ger., Eng.). From the early 1920s until the seventies she made silouhette animations, often together with her husband Carl Koch, who worked for Renoir on “La Grande Illusion“. Her films, long or short, were of wonderful quality; due to the tide of times and events we call history what we see today are mostly copies of copies (see article on AWN here).

Here is a short one from 1937, “The Tocher”, she and Carl somehow managed to produce while living under restricted conditions as refugee-tourists in Britain. Do not miss to look for her works on youtube, it is worth it, an expressionistic dreamland.




21 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. EXCELLENT!! Silouhette animation? Mesmerizing.

    This alone is worth picking the theme of animation. Would you mind returning? I’m up with my post and you can leave the title there too?

  2. Id never come across these before… and I cant believe that I didn’t think to include some Wallace and Grommit! Nick Park is a complete genius. You can watch his movies over and over because there are so many little things that you miss.

  3. The silouhette animation is gorgeous! It made me wonder if this might come back since Avatar has brought us to near the limit of where animation can go.

    Anyway, this video reminds me of those puppet shows come to life..1937 eh? Wow.

  4. Savannah
    No horse drawn charriot involved, sorry. Further back, I think the scene you choose is also from the 1930s? Lotte Reiniger made it as advertisement for the British Post Office, so the gift …

    Reiniger always had a place in my memory, as a child I saw her Prince Ahmed once on TV.

    Flip the Frog? Now I have to search for it …

    I did. Will go and have a look on the other scenes – and the other ones from last week.

    The 3-d-thing seems to be newest craze. I do not know whether I want things seemingly fly around me at close distance … There is no more room for imagination, phantasy – why should I look at the phantasy of a programmer? Lotte leaves much more space for imagination.

    See my comemnt to XL, its a childhood memory.

    They are great, as simple as that. It was terrible news when the studio burnt down some years ago.

    Six cows, twelve sheep and – heck! – the meadow down the hill!

    Leni Q
    Good that you liked it!

    I’ve seen only two of the films: The travel to the moon and the one with the killer sheep. They were aired in German TV and so they had a voice-over, no dialect but “Hochdeutsch”. So, no, I am sorry KAZ, I did not see them in original.

    Puppets are used in Indonesia for them shadowplays, very elaborate works, a dieing art of course. 1937, astounding, eh?

  5. I like to try and be different on some of my themes but you’re on a whole other level of different. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Very detailed for silouhettes. You sure didn’t have to worry about blogger jinx on this one.

    Happy MCW!

  6. Of the educational/entertaining variety there was also “Es war einmal…der Mensch” and “Es war einmal…das Leben” for example.

    I’m proud that my son is familiar with the one (ie. Tati, la linea) as well as the other. 🙂

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