This morning, Tuesday the 30th of March at 9:00, in the CERN (in a nutshell) a very interesting experiment will take place. You can watch it here. I will definitely have a look over a cup of coffe, I suppose there will not be much to see, except for some excited eggheads. But the small possibility that one or two “Black Holes” will turn up is given, also a Higgs-particle or “boson” is expected to appear. If it goes wrong the world disintegrates, but the worst case is that nothing changes. So let’s see and have coffe. Or tea.


19 thoughts on “Bang?

  1. LCH, FTW!

    Hmmm, tornados in weird places, grasshopper outbreaks, and now this? Must be a day ending in “y.”

    What, you were expecting something more dramatic? Pffft, black holes are nothing after watching my son barf all day today.

  2. Good morning – well, I slept in a little, I blame the time change and the full moon tonight.

    First of all:

    Happy BIRTHDAY BOXER! And many to come! My heartfeld congratulations, the big Five is shining on you! And despite all the technique and effort, the cern was not able to deliver armageddon right in time for your birthday: What a relieve!
    Take care my dear and have a good time!

    Franconia is still here. What about Texas?

    If it would melt its way through earth it would not come out in Canada, but somewhere in China? So no worries my dear. See Joyce!

    We tried … πŸ™‚

    That’s the spirit!
    That is attitude! I am very glad to have met you online.

    This acronymity in German – at least to those who served in the military – is known as AbKΓΌWa.
    He barfed all day? So he always refilled. Make sure that he has enough water, all this pukeing can leed to serious dehydratzion – whatever: dryness. Poor boy, hope he gets better soon.

    Yes, it’s a good feeling when we at least understand why it is happening, while the black hole gnaws away continent after continent. Maybe one can survive on a small piece of space debris, like an island … πŸ™‚

    Exactly, sugar is no good. But the very good thing is that Australia is still with us!

    Maybe a twist of numbers … Do not be disappointed, I am sure they will try again. πŸ™‚

  3. XL
    Seven hours – so its high noon over there. It’s a nice evening, at least there is blue sky, the whole day was grey and rainy. As I learned they managed to have a collision shortly before 13:00 European Time: Geneva is still with us, the Alps did not crumble and fall down – I think Earth made it!

    It is good news that you are with us!

    Maybe one or two bosons escaped and rushed over …

    I can not say that particle collisions were of real interest to me until the black hole crazyness here: Even the ARD, THE respected German news-source, had an online poll “Do you fear black holes consuming the Earth after “the experiment”?” There was even a juridical attempt to stop the research because of the “unknown and riskful possible results and outcomes”.
    You mean the “real” experiment will take place in two years?

  4. xl says:

    Oh, I love that kind of rainy weather. Most of the year it is too hot and too dry. I need to move someplace cooler and wetter … or get some bosons.

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