Movie Clip Wednesday

Wednesday is over in this part of the world. Anyway I saw a lot of action today, at my desk. The sheep-thing had to be finished, tomorrow in the early afternoon I’ll have to deliver and hopefully my customer will be satisfied. And money should pour in …

“Action!” the boxer shouted! That’s even  more difficult than “Musicals” has been. I am not looking at action movies on a regular basis, you know? Okay, there is always Mr. McQueen driving a car, or that barfight with a young John Wayne and a very nice blonde … but I found it on youtube in French with Russian voiceover only – a bit too uncomfortable. My thoughts wandered to other fighters, like samurai, the famous seven samurai and finally I watched a long clip where the inner beauty of seppuku was explained. I did not follow.

But I remembered one very interesting man, the great Ueshiba (here). There are some very interesting videos showing excercises of different masters.
And one shows Ueshiba in action and outplayed.

A true master.



19 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. i totally forgot about the samurai films as action films…Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon genre/type films …and then all the jackie chan movies1 well done! xoxox

  2. Savannah
    I looked for the Seven but found nothing that I would like …

    Yes, Mishima, “Ordeal by Roses” must be somewhere on the shelves. He is in a long video on youtube, speaking english in some interview situations, saying “Seppuku makes you win”, discerning it from the Western idea of suicide as an victory over oneself – but I do not buy that.
    In a way Mishima is a late born, he would fit perfectly into the thirties, d’Annunzio and his actions in Trieste …

    Ueshiba invented it and as old man he is not above showing and teaching the simple moves to the beginners allowing the kid to sent him to the mat. I know nothing about the capoeira. In India exists a fight dance too, brilliant and deadly. Aikido done well is an ongoing flow.
    Have a good time.

  3. I actually had Kill Bill on my list of best action flicks. The House of Blue Leaves scene is probably the most grizzley samurai sword fight I’ve ever seen. And, as usual, you went the other way of the samurai.

    Happy MCW!

  4. Mago: Although there was a fight there is a showing of respect. That is often lacking and the world needs respect shown even when there are differences. The world would be a better place if anger could still have respect.

  5. you cant top kurosawa. i loved the color work too, like RAN. the scenes that stick with me are the hari kari scenes with the women. but his cinematography is the best.

    btw, you might like this piece by michio kaku – the fun physicist – in the WSJ. It is about the Hadron super collider.

  6. Buzz
    I admit to having a small tendency to do things the other way round. I have no idea about Kill Bill, its seemingly a splatter-movie?

    Respect is the magical word. Happy Easter for you and all your family.

    No secretary. Just me and the text.
    I won.

    I am through with them sheep. Variatio delectat! Birds …

    It was a contract. Today I delivered and I think they are content. They promised to give me another research or something similar. I hope they stick to their word.

    Kurosawa was realy one of the best. Astoundingly I have difficulties with his colour films, also with others’ works like Visconti (gattopardo) or Greenaway (he just jumped the blue box and squeezed everything out!), it is sometimes overwhelming.
    Thank you for the link, I did not know Michio Kaku – there’s a lot to be discovered.

    I am dead tired now.

  7. Ay Boxer – you came in while I contemplated on a comment on xl’s bit. Of film.
    One of my sugestions? Oh. I’ll don the full armour of god …

  8. I’m a big fan of martial arts. Being of slight build, not being able to punch a brick out of a wall, means traditional fighting schemes are out for me.

    I love the fluidity and ease of the video. Not a lot of puffing and effort involved. Just gentle movement and the opponent is on the floor.

    Happy Easter my dear. Hope you have a good one and will stop dreaming of sheep.

  9. Roses
    No sheep dreams here. Maybe there is something Carrebean Martial?

    Don’t know, auf die Schnauze fallen nimmt einem der Meister nicht ab.

    Leni Q.
    “Osterhasi!” Ready for the infight!

    What a joy to see you again, you have been quiet for some days: Good to see you writing! A script? What kind of script? This is a special form?

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