Movie Clip Wednesday

“Best use of alcohol” the boxer saied.
I was looking for someone fuelling an explosion with a vat of booze or something, but could not remember such a scene and thus did not find one. While XL serves a nice Martini – WITH olive, ladies and gents! – Consul Firmin is not too interested in additional fruits in his glass. He’s a purist, keeping his act together, more or less until the inevitable end, like his alter ego, Mr. Lowry.




11 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Mobile dongle interfering with my viewing pleasure again 😦 I shall try to come back later when I can steal a proper PC. I shall be up with my own contribution to MCW in about four hours 🙂

  2. “There must be socks!”

    Great pick, great scene. He’s not the obvious drunk, but Albert Finney plays it well; slurring of speech, careful steps. I remember this movie, but never saw it. I like your links to info about the movie and think I’ll watch this.

    Thanks! I’m up.

  3. There are six links in the text, and I think the last one is the most interesting. I will see your post tomorrow, Joanna!

    I think he’s “blau wie eine Haubitze”, boxer, in a pretty advanced stage of drunkness.

    Cheers, XL. And sorry, I go to sleep now.

  4. I think the best on-screen drunks are the real deal. I don’t think Albert Finney was playing because he’s a party guy. I always thought he would have made a good James Bond.

    Happy MCW!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ganz klar – Männer ohne Frau sind nicht mal in der Lage, Socken anzuziehen. Tja – was will uns das sagen? Dass Socken generell unnötig sind? Würde ich mal vermuten …

  6. Mynona
    Das ist aber eine recht männliche Schlussfolferung …

    Leni Q.
    Ah, Hank Chinasky. He wrote some very impressive poems. I thought about “Barfly”, but I seriously can not stand Mr. Rourke.

    See, everybody can have an impact … The Brits changed from beer to wine, always going for the more effective means; the Poles seemingly incorporated the vino into the unchanged habits. The rest of Europe drinks less according to the chart. CHeers, great news!

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