16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Leni Q.
    A good week for you!

    The masterpiece. I want to do a post about some albums. Kind of Blue. A Love Supreme. Any further ideas?

    Hei – I hope you can go on with your clearing project this week. Have a good week, Joyce.

    That’s because you are out of control … Seriously, it’s a normal youtube-link, like all the others I put here. Maybe its not allowed in your count(r)y? Can you see the other videos?

  2. Mago, More history for me. I found some old records, I have record of Al Jolson’s and the Knickerbocker Male Quartet I have a few records of theirs. I have one record that was recorded from the Ziegfield Follies.
    Old Silverstone Record Company and Columbia.
    I also found two albums by Perry Como,one byBread, and one by Crosbt,Stills @ Nash.
    Where is a record player when you need one.
    These were all in my upstairs room and this morning I decided to check them out. What a find? Thats some Monday music for you. Hope your week goes good.

  3. Amanda
    Good. And I still hear Kilminster shout …

    HA! From Al Jolson via Ziegfeld, Como to Crosby, Stills and Nash – what a tour. Of “Bread” I havn’t heared before. Hope you find a record player. I have to rearrange my shelves and bookcases the next days, so mine is not working now, sorry. :)

    Great music, a great suite.

    No guilt. Or did the cream toffee win again? We are weak …

    Always thought that you would appreciate a man with a horn. This recording of Jarrett is of heartbreaking beauty.

  4. Scarlet
    I bend my knees and beg your pardon, humbly, de profundis at te clamo – no, no NO … how could I allow the shadow of a doubt sneak in?


    With sugar and cinnamon …

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