Movie Clip Wednesday

“Favorite movie on a rainy day” the boxer saied.
I am a bit late, but it is still Wednesday around here. The idea of watching a film on a rainy day evokes the association with Sunday afternoon at home. And childhood. Maybe early spring or autumn. 70s? I would spend it with my parents. We would drink rosé, smoke cigarettes, have a round of cards, Rommé (Ger., Eng.) maybe, and later watch  a film on the tv, in black and white of course. Something funny … My parents, my mother especially, had a sense of humor that possibly could be seen as a bit different, which is not necessarily expected in a middle aged German wife of lower middle class, if this sociological filing or labeling is correct. She had a taste for the absurd, the odd, “das Absonderliche”. My father was more silent, maybe introvert, and tented a bit to melancholy.
We would have watched this film with joy and fun over the late afternoon into the evening. Then have a cold supper, and later – holy ritual – watch the evening news at 20:00.  After that I’d grab some red and go into the chamber under the roof and listen to the radio and read. To bed around midnight, ah the terribleterrible Monday morning, up at 06:30 and off to school shortly past 07:00, I was the last to leave so check all lights and the oven, lock the door and march! My father loved getting up early, my mother just accepted it and needed her routine, I plainly hated it and still do.
Anyway, these days are long over.



13 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Joyce
    A bit too much blood and guts. Mostly at least. What I would like to see is “Sleepy Hollow”, heared it would be great for goosebumps and without splattering.

    I am glad to see you back, hope all adjusted. Strange isn’t it – they seemingly re-made anything, kind of re-cycling.

    Yes, it did. Thank you for asking. Did you come up with something this week?

    Leni Q.
    Some things never change!

    Back in the days people had other ideas about drink and smoke. A glass of wine for lunch or a beer was nothing unusual. And I did not know that there was a remake until I searched in youtube!

  2. Dear Mago,
    I love both versions of this movie and have both sitting in my movie collection. They often get an airing on rainy afternoons at the palais… an all afternoon matinee if you like
    I do like the musical version but a young Jack Nicholson as the masochistic dental patient never fails to make me laugh a role reprised in the musical version by Bill Murray…

    And from one that has nightmares about Childood Dentists that is saying something….

  3. What happened to my comment??

    This is one of my favorite movies, but I had never seen a clip from this version. Fabulous! Pretty cool for 1960.

    Blogger ate my old comment, which was far wittier. Happy MCW.

  4. Princess
    Ah, yes, its XL who made us all remember these childhood dentist.
    Bastards. Just sayin …

    Oh my dear: Roger Corman! Hammer Productions. Do not tell me that you do not know about this.

    Thank you XL. Its … rotational.

    They were. Peaceful. Carefree. A little hammered and “I do not care about tomorrow until its here.” My best memories from 6 til 18.

    I am glad to see you again!
    If you find some spare time and there’s an independent cinema in reach and you have nothing else to do – go and watch! It’s fun!

    Blogger did some nasty things lately around here. It ate some of my comments too and did not refresh and such – blogger was a bit lazy. But other things on the web did not work well too – maybe the vulcano?

  5. Beautiful, these memories. red, music and the stars.

    We had B&W tv for very long in India, color only in the 1990’s- I think. But those early serials were superb in production quality and story lines. Specially Buniyaad– which means foundation stone.

    Now we have satellite TV, and Turner Classic Movies, a feast in b&w. last night watched parts of” I’ll cry tomorrow”- just shook me up.

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