Sunday Music

Sometimes in the 70s the big brother of a friend of mine gave shelter to a tramp. The guy had no money and was travelling on his own feet but gave my friend’s brother some lps (for the children: black disk containing music made from dinosaur-remains) he carried with him in a plastic bag and obviously had no use for. There was one from original Lynyrd Skynyrd (Ger., Eng.), one lp from the Woodstock-Album (Eng. – I think it was number one), and something Canned Heat (Ger., Eng.), seemingly a bootleg. Here was a kind of medley from “Dust my broom” and “Standing in a crossroads” I liked very well. My friend later put it on tape for me (for the kids: Eng., Ger.) with some other songs like Tony Williams, Zappa … These Maxells accompanied me for the following years, through different cars, on some trips, in various appartements. But even the best tape one day is worn and goes to the bin.
I thought that all and everything is to be found on youtube, and now and then looked for the version still playing in my head. Some days ago I found it. Its a nice blues number, hope you enjoy it.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Leni Q
    Strange times, strange stories. Rural South of Germany. They are all anarchists.

    Glad that you like it. MAybe you had your eye on a young sailor then? :)

  2. for the children: black disk containing music made from dinosaur-remains

    Brilliant! I was talking to the Fledgling sparrow about my records that I currently have out in my folk’s garage, and how I can’t afford to ship them to Northern Ireland, and the Fledgling said, and I quote: “Well, you don’t have a gramaphone anymore, so would you be able to get one over there?”


    If the children are our future, we’re doomed.

    Your youth must have been very interesting.

  3. Fata Sparrowna
    Actually its saurier crap we pump out of the earth, destill and use in our motors. What remains on the bottom of the barrel is either put on the roads (tar, Macadam) or pressed into disc shape and used for music. So the highest – culture in the form of music – and the lowest – million years old saurier crap – are separated by just a crack in the destillery.

    Is this an “online”-radio? Think I have to inform myself on these things. And I always wundered how these “names” of the stations come into being: KPLU, KRAP, WHMFLP …

  4. Scarlet
    I’m humbled ! :)

    Welcome and thank you for your first comment here!
    Shold I ever come to Markl am Inn, I will remember you and search for an axe.

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