14 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Now that was of my era maybe a little earlier. I have seen the main actors at the theater when the movies came out. It was a good kiss but in todays world it would have made You Tube and caused many discussions. I loved it.
    I supposed I dated myself again.

  2. XL
    “Any lovin’ is good lovin'”.

    A lady in mens clothing kissing another woman and throwing a flower to a bloke … would be worth one or another headline maybe.

    xoxoxo :)

    Leni Q
    Kann man so sagen … :)

  3. Indigo
    Hello and welcome. Thank you for your first comment here.
    Yes, Marlene has it. I never was in Africa, but would very much like to visit the North, places like Algier, Tanger, the Atlas. Drink coffe, smoke local products. Ach …

    Hello my Dear! You will become a Member of the Parliament? :) Seriously, you are very active, I have no idea about the inner-British politics (this is very likely the wrong translation for “Innenpolitik”), so I simply hope that all you do is satisfying and good for – well, Britain.

  4. I am watching Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame for the first time. Marlene is wonderful. I will go back and translate the title cards another time. Ich spreche nicht Deutsch!

  5. Good afternoon Mago,

    What a great clip. Sorry I missed it Wednesday.

    Clean the gun after you use it. That way it’s ready for the next time. What are you going shooting?

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